5 Tips to Keeping Perfectly Clean Window Shutters

It does not matter whether your window shutters are used for functional purposes or if they are only for decoration, clean shutters look better. If they are not cleaned properly they just look grimy and will not last as long as they should. Proper maintaining of your window shutters will offer a fresh look and feel. You will know how to clean indoor shutters regardless of the material that they may be made of. You have the option of double checking with the manufacturer’s directions too. You can ensure that there are not any special instructions that may need to be followed. The following are some simple tips for keeping perfectly clean window shutters.

clean window shutters Tools Needed

Although you won’t need an abundance of tools to clean your shutters, you’ll need a handful of specific tools that guarantee the job will be done right. You probably already own a majority of these tools as they are standard in most households.  Here are 4 inexpensive tools that will get the job done:

  • A regular dusting cloth
  • Polish (a spray brand will do)
  • 1 toothbrush
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment (soft)


It is a good idea to clean your window shutters weekly. Once a week cleaning will reduce any build up on your shutters. You may be able to get away with cleaning your shutters once per month, but you run the risk of accumulating a significant amount of dirt and grime. The weekly cleaning could be viewed as preventative care for your shutters.

  • Vacuum your shutters- Use an attachment brush. Using an attachment brush will ensure that you are able to reach every inch of your shutters.
  • Use a toothbrush very gently in any grooves in the shutter – This will work well if you spray a small amount of polish on the toothbrush.
  • Take a dust cloth and spray on some wood polish. Gently wipe over the entire shutter. If you do this one time a month you will prevent any buildup of dust on the shutter and your shutters will be fresh smelling. This will keep your shutters looking newer.
  • Many types of shutters do not clean well with the use of soap and water.
  • It is usually not a good idea to use any multi-purpose cleaning spray on shutters. This type of spray may be too harsh. Multi-purpose sprays are generally intended to be used on tougher surfaces.

Shutters That Will Last

It is not hard to get the most from your money after the purchase of quality shutters. Taking good care of your shutters and applying these general cleaning tips will offer you many years. These 5 tricks to keeping perfectly clean window shutters should work well for any type of shutter. You will find that keeping your shutters clean is not a difficult household chore. It is not a time consuming job. It can be a quick and easy job. The trick is making sure you have the proper tools and cleaning your shutters on a consistent basis.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. Using a toothbrush as a cleaning tool is a great idea. That way you can get into any cracks and crevices that you would otherwise not be able to reach without the toothbrush. If you go soft enough too, I bet you won’t have any issues with rubbing paint off! I would hate for that to happen because I tend to push harder when trying to clean things.

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