How to Create an Allergen-Free Zone in a House full of People with Allergies

How to Create an Allergen-Free Zone in a House full of People with AllergiesFrom sneezing to sinus pressure, there are a number of symptoms that are related to allergies that begin to develop in the spring season, and can last throughout the year. One of the most common places that people suffer from allergies is right in their own home—a popular location for dust mites, pollen, and mold. If there are people with allergies in your household, or you just want to “clear the air,” try a few of the following steps to remove triggers and create an allergen-free zone:


Use an Air Purifier

To remove mold spores, pet dander, and other contaminants in the air, a portable air purifier will make it easier to breathe in the home. A product that contains a Hepa filter is designed to improve the air quality, and reduce allergies or asthma that residents in the home may suffer from. Products with these types of filters are also proven to improve cardiovascular health by disinfecting each room and increasing the amount of oxygen in the home.

Get the Carpets Professionally Cleaned

According to the professionals of AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning Ltd. who specialize in carpet cleaning in Guelph, one of the most common places that allergens are found is in the carpets. This is commonly where dust mites and pollen can hide. Have the carpets professionally cleaned every few months to reduce the amount of dirt and dust mite feces that are present. If the allergies of people in the home are seasonal, you can have the carpets cleaned more frequently during those seasons of irritation.

Clean the Air Ducts

If your air ducts are dirty, then the air in your home will immediately become contaminated. Hire a professional to clean the air ducts to remove the buildup of mold or bacteria. A professional cleaner will also work to remove microbial contamination that commonly develops in humid environments.

Create a Separate Area for Pets

Although you may consider your small collection of cats or your favorite pooch a part of the family, your pets are likely contributing to the allergies that you suffer from in the home. Pets naturally leave dander in each room and can make it difficult to breathe when they spend their time on couches, beds, and floors. To improve your health, it’s important to consider giving your pets a place of their own—either outside or away from main areas. Keeping pets off the furniture and brushing them frequently (outside) can help cut down on their contribution to allergens in the home.

For many people, allergies can make it difficult to thrive and feel comfortable in their own home. If you can’t seem to escape your allergies, get to the root of the problem by tackling a few tasks that will create a cleaner environment. The extra steps will work to enhance your air quality, and gradually improve your health for a space where you can take a deep breath.

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