How to Create Storage Space in a Small House

If you feel that you have very little spaces on your house, and you happen to live in a small house, you may think that your small house is too blame. Maybe you need to add an extra room here or lot there, or perhaps, moving into a bigger house can be your option – that those will costs a lot of money!

bed storageBut the good news is, there are some things you can do to add and maximize your space even if you live in a small house. Here are some of the things you can do to achieve that.


Declutter your stuff

This is an obvious step, but it certainly needs to be said. The truth is, you may not realize that you had stuffed a lot of stuffs – furniture, kitchenware, silverware, books, games, tools, even clothing, you name it – over time that they finally took a big amount of space over your house.

On top on that, you probably don’t even use those items anymore. So if you have unused clothes, tools, toys, games, and furniture you rarely use, then it’s time to say goodbye to them.

Take the time to declutter your stuffs. Assess carefully which you need/want and don’t need/want. Those that you don’t need or want anymore, it’s time to bring them for a garage sale, give them to your family or friends, or donate them somewhere.

You might be surprised that once you’ve decluttered your house, it will be way more spacious again!

Replace furniture with smaller ones (without sacrificing usability)

This usually applies to furniture like table, chairs and cabinets, to name a few. Let us say you are four in the house – you, your spouse and two kids. Then, you have a very big table which can accommodate to, let’s say, 6-8 persons. Instead of keeping that, you may want to buy a table that’s just enough for the four of you.

That’s what it means to replace your furniture with smaller ones without sacrificing usability. You use smaller furniture, but it can still fit for you and the whole family – of course, you will not buy a table that’s only good for 3 or less!

Utilize more space whenever possible

This is usually done by maximizing storage spaces in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. For instance, if possible, instead of using a separate bathroom cabinet, why not build a small cabinet below your sink and have your toiletries be placed there?

The same goes for kitchen, bedroom and even your living room – anywhere in your home actually! Don’t just buy another cabinet if you can maximize an empty space of a part of your house.

Move to a bigger house (or increase your house’s area)

If things all failed, perhaps your only choice is to move to a bigger house or add another space to your house. Keep in mind that one factor that takes some space to your house is the people with you. If you are a big family, it will certainly take a lot of space compare if you live alone or with a small family.

If you don’t have the money to move to a bigger house or increase your house’s area, the first three tips can be helpful while you save money for your next move.


Adding more space to your house does not necessarily have to be hard or even costly – at least, at first! If you will just take the time to declutter your stuffs and reassess your furniture, adding more space – even if you live in a relatively small house – is certainly doable!

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Erin Emanuel