How to Design a Home Office With Reclaimed Timber

The use of reclaimed wood has slowly developed into a popular trend in home design. This is not just because reclaimed wood is cheaper than new wood, but also because it adds warmth, texture, and character to your home. Additionally, reclaimed wood is good for the environment as it gives builders a way around the need to source virgin wood from the forest, transport it, and process it to make it ready for use. If you like the idea, here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of reclaimed lumber in your home design:

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1.    Reclaimed wood walls

A wall made of reclaimed wood can add warmth and texture to your room. Different pieces of reclaimed wood age differently, depending on the tree species they were sourced from, where and how they were used before, and their treatment history over the years. This means each will have its own hue and texture, and collectively, they will yield a colorful design. Visit this site for a clearer idea of how your reclaimed wood wall will look like.

2.    Reclaimed wood flooring

Just like hardwood, reclaimed wood can be a theme and foundation on which the entire interior décor is based. Just take the time to assess the amount of wear and stress on the wood you are about to buy to determine if it’s safe to use on flooring. On top of that, examine the finishing that was used to see if it works with your interior décor plans. Make sure to base your decision on finished samples instead of raw wood, as the latter might not give you the exact picture of what to expect.

3.    Dining room table

The dining room table is the typical dining room’s center of attention. One fashioned out of reclaimed wood is sure to draw more attention and brighten the room. Depending on the finish, a reclaimed wood dining table won’t always require excessive additional decoration, meaning it won’t necessarily cost more to build. What’s more, scratches and scrapes are easily concealable, thanks to the depth and personality of reclaimed wood.

4.    Mantels

Reclaimed wood can make your mantel and space sport a vintage look, even if it’s new. Your material doesn’t need to be the typical perfectly rectangular wood, but it must be deep and robust to ensure its functionality matches its aesthetics.

5.    Kitchen countertops

Installing reclaimed wood countertops can give your kitchen a rustic feel that has a bit of farmhouse or lounge vibe. However, since kitchen countertops are more exposed to moisture than most other parts of your house, it is advisable to choose strong reclaimed wood. You might also have to give it a water-resistant finish for longevity and aesthetic preservation.

6.    End table or coffee table

In modern settings where smooth and sleek lines reign supreme, an end table or coffee table fashioned out of lightly finished reclaimed wood can help breathe some balance into your living space. The reclaimed wood’s roughness contrasts naturally with the smooth contemporary finishing on other parts of the room, bringing out a look that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

7.    Shelves

If you have a limited supply of reclaimed wood, you might want to use it on something that doesn’t require much such as shelving. Small shelves along your study room wall or even kitchen give it a bit of sophistication and natural texture. You can also build an entire bedside chest of drawers or bookcase made of reclaimed wood if you have a sufficient supply. The best thing about using reclaimed wood on drawers and shelves is that they just need moderate finishing to do their job, meaning you are less likely to ruin the wood’s character while looking to strengthen it.

8.    Room divider

Reclaimed wood can help shift the attention from the potentially awkward divider and its purpose to its aesthetics and glory, which is what you want. All you need to do is ensure the finishing goes well with your existing décor to avoid creating too much contrast. You also want to ensure the wood is strong enough to withstand the force and weight that a typical wall faces daily.

9.    Reclaimed wood ceiling

Often referred to as the fifth wall, the ceiling has a lot to add to the overall interior appearance of your home. Unfortunately, it is a pretty overlooked area by both homeowners and interior designers.

On the positive side, you can install a reclaimed wood ceiling and achieve a unique look pretty easily, with most other people going for the aesthetically flat contemporary options.


These are some of the ways you can use reclaimed wood to enhance your home design. You can involve an interior designer in deciding where to add it and what finish to complement it with.

Erin Emanuel