How to Design an Urban Living Room

Urban is a vague term when it comes to design, and how it is defined can change from one person to the next.  Some people see it as a way to bring city life into an apartment, whereas others equate it with digital designs, full of tech and gadgets.  Others still see urban as a minimalist style of design with a mix of contemporary and rustic features.  In this article, we’re going to provide you with a few ideas on how you can take this design theme and make it your own in your living space.

Consider Wood Varieties

Many urban designs feature a variety of wood designs and textures.  This style fits in with the more rustic urban design, and those who perfect this can almost make their living areas look like they’ve come out of a fairytale.  Play around with deep wood colors, lower furniture, and pale accessories.  You want to create a form of contrast between your furniture and the rest of your decoration in order to highlight the rustic details and bring a sense of the outside in.  You can also add some large decorative plants to your space to further this concept.

Living Room

Think Minimalism

If you want to create a more minimalistic urban space, this can easily be done by focusing on furniture that has a practical sense and emphasizing your decorations.  Leather furniture in browns and beiges is especially good here, as are tables that feature storage.  In minimalist styles, the walls are usually painted in a white or pale color, and then accessorized with paintings and shelves.  If you like the idea of creating your own décor, you could invest in powerful TIG machines and create your own urban metal shelves.  You could also paint your own artwork and get it framed for your walls.  The key with minimalism is to avoid overpopulating the space with clutter, and again choosing furniture and decorations that work with the space.

Mood Lighting is Ideal

Lamps can take up an incredible amount of room in a space, and this isn’t ideal for an urban design.  Instead, you need to think about the kind of light you need in your living area, and how you can make it work within the urban design.  For example, you could choose to have mood lighting placed in the ceiling.  This can be dimmed or made brighter depending on what you are doing in the space, and it takes up no room on the floor.  Alternatively, you can look into purchasing lamps that also make an aesthetic statement in the room.  A lamp that looks like a statue or a piece of artwork is the ideal choice for an urban design, and rather than making the room look cluttered, it helps to further the design aesthetic.

Urban living areas are becoming really popular, especially in city apartments. Although you can do whatever you like with the space, the above are just three ideas that can really help to make your space work within the design style.

Erin Emanuel