How to Get Australian Coastal Style?

If you’re looking to re-do your home, there’s only one way you should be doing it in 2019 and that’s with a little coastal style, which is increasing in popularity across the world. Read on to learn everything about this new trend.


Types of coastal style

Australian Coastal StyleOf course, when you’re going for a coastal style, you have to decide what type of coastal style you want.

While this may sound a bit odd, there are four different styles that you can choose from. These are:

  • American – this style concentrates mostly on relaxation and comfort and has fast become one of the more popular coastal styles, featuring natural light, reflective surfaces, ocean hues, warm whites and soft furnishings
  • Tropical island – inspired by Hawaii, Polynesia and other Pacific areas this is a style that reflects colours, customs and beliefs of those native to these areas. Think tropical patterns, natural teak and nautical/cultural decor
  • Mediterranean – coming from the coastal towns of Greece, Spain and Italy, this is a style that relies heavily on natural light, sun-baked colours and terra cotta alongside woods and black iron.

However, the coastal style we’re going to look at, which is the one you need to introduce into your home is Australian coastal style.

  • Australian coastal style

Gaining momentum over the last few years, Australian coastal style is the ideal way to embrace the laid-back, beach life that comes with living in a country known for its sandy stretches, sparkling waters and epic surf culture.

Completely down to earth with a relaxed appeal, this a style filled with soothing and relaxing hues, quirky detailing and a décor emphasis on natural beauty and coastal significance by incorporating the sun, sea and sand that Australia is known for.

But, how do you bring it into your home?

Get the look

So, if you’re looking to get the look, grab your sketch pads, tools such as tape measures from the likes of RS Components, your laptop to buy those important bits, and follow these essential steps to getting Australian coastal style.

Wooden lampshade

First thing’s first, get rid of any other form of a lampshade in your home and opt for a big, bold wooden one. A little like a centrepiece of the home, this will introduce the natural look as a key part of your home.

Little treasures

Take a trip to a flea market and find all those little treasures that no one else has and add a layered dimension to the home. Coral and shells are also a great addition here.


When it comes to pillows, rugs, blankets, or any other kind of fabrics, stripes are the way to go. This will help to introduce a subtle nautical style, without going too over the top.

Spot of colour

However, when it comes to your stripes and other items, add a touch of colour. But go for one central colour, such as blue or green and then keep everything else neutral for that true coastal look.

Bare surfaces

Forego those table cloths and coverings and instead keep everything bare to make the most of your wooden furniture.


Don’t buy everything new, instead re-purpose stuff. Want a new chair or coffee table, then upcycle an old one for a truly unique look.


Finally, you need a surfboard on display somewhere in the home for that finishing touch.

So, what are you waiting for, get searching now and turn your home into a coastal paradise.

Erin Emanuel