How To Grout Tile

Tiles are very important items for household care. Everyone nowadays has tiles installed in their homes. And why not? Apart from giving your floor the required strength, having a tile on your floor also adds an element of beauty and charm to the house. Not to mention, the protection it provides the floor from harmful elements. All these features certainly make them an important thing for people.

So you have got some tiles installed in your house. Great for you. But do you know the next step of it? Well, it is obviously grouting the gaps that are left between the tiles. Surely you had planned something to it, right? Well, grouting the tiles are as important as installing them. Although, they are a bit less time-consuming and also the labor is pretty less in here. But it is one important job to do. When you grout the tiles properly, you make sure that the floor underneath it stays safe from all the moisture.

How To Grout Tile

Some Tips To Help You

Well, here are some steps and instructions that will certainly help you with your grouting task.

  • Remove the pre-existing grout if you are re-grouting the old tile again. You can take the help of a grout removal bit with a rotary tool, or a grout saw to help you with removing the old grout. Make sure that there is no part of the old grout left after you are done. Remove any debris and dust from the joints if present.
  • Pick a suitable color. The color of the grout is a pretty important factor as it enhances the beauty of the tile. You want to pick a color that matches the tile color for a continuous appearance. However, there are many people that choose contrasting colors for unique style. Plus it also helps to enhance the features of the tile.
  • Choosing the type of grout is another very important step that you need to follow. Now there are two types to choose from: the un-sanded grout and the sanded grout. Sanded grout is relatively stronger than the un-sanded one. You can use one depending on your requirement.
  • You need to wait for a while to make sure that the thinset is all dried up. Thinset is an element used for adhering the tiles when you install them. The drying time of the Thinset varies according to the brand, so make sure that the Thinset dries properly before you start.
  • The next step would be to mix up the grout following the instructions. Mix the ingredients for the grout and mix them properly into a thick batter.
  • Begin with the applying procedure. Make sure that you start farthest from the door. Work your way backward then.
  • You have to now spread the mix over a joint. You can take the help of a grout float to make sure that the grout is pressed firmly into the joint.
  • Remove the grout that is excess here. You don’t want your floor covered with a muddy grout right? Wait for some time to let the grout set properly. Then start with the cleaning procedure by wiping the floor in a circular motion to remove the excess grout.
  • Verify if that’s the color you want. The color of the grout should be according to your liking. If it’s not, the chances are that you won’t find your floor pretty. Make sure that you choose wisely as once the grout is dried, you cannot remove it very easily.
  • Continue the procedure once you are satisfied with the grout color. Make sure that you start doing small areas so that you can remove the excess grout before it actually dries up. This is a pretty difficult task, to make sure that you remove the excess grout before drying. It is recommended that you get a helper to do that for you.
  • Clean up the rest of the grout haze once the task is all done. Wipe the haze with a wet towel or sponge to remove it.
  • You need to make sure that the grout is fully dried before you seal it. It usually takes a few days depending on the brand. Read the instructions carefully before sealing.

Now that you know all the steps and instructions for grouting tiles, you can go ahead and do that yourself.

Erin Emanuel