How To Handle A Move When Moving With A Baby

Moving with Baby

Moving with Baby

Moving to a new place comes with numerous challenges. From packing to unpacking and adjusting to the new home, there are several things you will encounter once you move.

It is not a simple task to take care of the baby as you pack for a move. Although all are essential responsibilities, it might be hard to balance the two without losing your mind.


But if you can plan early, you can easily handle a move when relocating with a baby or babies. For instance, if you engage NYC movers, you can be confident the process will go on smoothly.

Below are a few simple tips you can consider when relocating with a baby. It will help you handle the tasks and keep everything organized.

Six Tips for Moving with a Baby

  1. Have an essential box for your baby

When planning to relocate with a baby, you need to ensure you have an essential box for the little one. However, pack the items last and put the essentials aside. Do not load it in the moving truck.

In the essential box for the baby, include everything you need for easy access. Also, label the box clearly so that any person can quickly identify it.

Some of the items you are likely to include in the essential box for the baby include diapers, baby powder, wipes, some baby clothes, prescriptions, toys, toiletries, blankets, a first aid kit, milk, and food.

You can include juice, snacks, formula, bottles, Sippy cups, car seat, carrier, bouncy seat, playpen, and trash bags for dirty diapers and stained clothes.

  1. Maintain your normal routine

When moving with a baby, you need to maintain your normal routine. Even though maintaining a routine when moving can be a challenge, you need to consider it for your health and the baby.

For example, make sure you keep playtimes, nap times, and feeding times consistent. This will give the baby a feeling of normalcy and security even if there is a change in the environment.

Remember, moving from one place to another can upset the baby if even they are not big enough to understand the happenings. But if you main a normal routine, you will help them feel at ease no matter the chaos of the move.

  1. Hire a reliable moving company

You can also ensure things go on smoothly when relocating with a baby when you involve a professional moving company. When you hire professionals such as NYC movers, they will handle the most challenging tasks and leave you to take care of the baby.

Moving with Baby

Moving with Baby

They will help you pack, load, move, unload, and unpack all your belongings at a fee. In addition, they have the right tools and equipment to make sure even the large items are moved smoothly. You can avoid injuries or breakages when you engage a reliable moving company.

  1. Stay safe during the process

With all the chaos and many packing materials around the house, you need to ensure you stay safe. Keep in mind that hazards can happen anytime because there are many tools such as scissors, tapes, and other dangerous tools all around the house.

Remember, children are very curious. This means they can easily pick tools with sharp edges. So, be very careful of where you keep them when packing. Also, ensure there are no potential dangers like keeping the boxes too high that they can fall on the children.

Therefore, make sure the room is clean before allowing the children to wander freely. You do not want to expose them to any danger.

  1. Plan ahead for the moving day

A lot of things happen on a moving day. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan ahead. For instance, researching and hiring moving on time will ensure no delays on a moving day.

Also, prepare a quiet place for your nap time, a good feeding area, and make sure all the utilities are ready in the new home.

If you are planning a DIY move, keep the baby away from the moving chaos. Hence, look for someone to babysit them as you take care of the moving.

  1. Make the new home ready for a move in

Before moving to the new house, you need to ensure it is ready. Moreover, you need to baby-proof it to ensure the baby is ready to move in. For instance, you can crawl around the floors to get a good idea of what the baby will experience when crawling.

Also, make sure the safety elements such as carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, locks, and other elements are in good condition. You need to ensure everyone, including the babies are safe in the new home.


If you plan to move with a baby, you need to ensure you are well prepared. For example, have an essential box, maintain your routine, and ensure the new house is ready for a move-in.

If you feel a DIY move might be a challenge, the best option is to engage a professional moving company. Professional movers are trained people who will handle complex tasks and leave you to take care of the baby.

However, make sure you research well before hiring a professional moving company. Ask for recommendations from neighbors, friends, or relatives. If you are searching online, go through customer feedback and reviews.

Erin Emanuel