How To Impress Your House Guests: The Morning Must-haves

Having guests at your home is a blessing since people can share their stories and experience how it feels to live with you on one roof. It’s also a great opportunity to enhance relationships and build wonderful memories by impressing your house guests for a happier and more satisfying stay.

That’s why it’s important to make your guests comfortable. Below are the morning must-haves you need to prepare to ensure that your guests feel at home and warmly welcomed.


Best Bedding and Mattress

When welcoming house guests at home, two of the most important things you have to prepare are the bedding and the mattress. Investing in the best mattresses is essential to ensure the comfortable sleep of your house guests. Of course, the perfect time they can appreciate your mattress is after having a night of sleep lying on the bed.

You’ll usually prepare the guest room the morning before your guests arrive. The first thing they’ll notice when they’re about to sleep, and experience and appreciate the next morning is the bed. Having a beautiful, elegant, and comfortable bedding and mattress would make their day extra special, setting their mood for rest and sleep. Surely, they’ll compliment you the next morning after having a wonderful sleeping experience.

Coffee Maker

coffee maker Every morning is not complete without sipping a cup of coffee. Choosing one of the best brands of coffee makers will allow your guests to savor their favorite brewed coffee to kick start their day. Chatting with a cup of coffee is a great way to enjoy the morning with family and friends.

While you can prepare and serve cups of coffee to your house guests, they can also choose to make their own. This way, they can freely use the exact coffee beans they like, leave it plain or add flavorings, and add the desired amounts of cream, milk, or sweeteners. In that way, you’ll impress your guests and giving them more independence inside your lovely home.

But, how do you choose the best coffee maker? Here are some important considerations when buying a new coffee maker:

  • Operation or Mechanism: Decide whether you want an automatic or programmable coffee maker that can make coffee the morning your guests wake up or one that’s less automated with easy to use push buttons. Regardless of the type, both make a hot and delicious coffee.
  • Type of Coffee: Depending on if you like espresso, coffee, or both, hybrid machines are available to brew both.
  • Brew Size: If you’re choosing a coffee maker to make several cups of coffee, then you can go with large brewers. For single-cup brewers, they’re more suitable if you want your guests to brew their own coffee.


guest towelsYour guests want to take a shower or take a bath in the morning. Preparing absorbent bath towels will surely be appreciated, most especially if they forgot to bring their own towels. Extra hand towels come handy too, should they need to wash their hands or generally stay clean.

You can impress your guests by handing spa-like clean towels with soft moisture, superior absorption, and with an appealing color. These qualities of towel make drying gentle after a nice warm shower.

Toiletries and Skin Essentials

You can’t expect your house guests to bring everything they need, most especially if you’ve asked them to sleep at your house instead of leaving late the night after having a long and friendly conversation and laughter. That’s why you have to make sure that you prepare toiletries and beauty and skin essentials they can use the night and most especially the next morning.

Impress your house guests by handing them or leaving a spare hairdryer so they can style their hair. It’s a great amenity without breaking your bank. Sample sizes of lotion, moisturizer, and shampoo and conditioner will also make a difference in their one-night or two or more nights of stay.

Gadget Essentials

Like you, your house guests also use gadgets, like their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. It would be nice to provide a wireless charger or adapter so they can charge their devices while staying at your home.

More often than not, your guests will only realize that the batteries of their smartphones are drained the next morning because of exhaustion after a night party that was full of fun and stories. They might want to charge their gadgets quickly before they leave your home, so supplying a spare charger is a good idea to help and impress your guests.


Preparing the morning must-haves mentioned above will make your guests more welcomed and comfortable, making their stay more memorable.

Like hotels and spas, make sure that you prepare toiletries, skin essentials, gadget essentials, and a comfortable bed, so they can relax and enjoy their stay, leaving them impressed, happy, and satisfied. 

Erin Emanuel