How to Install In Wall Speakers and In-Ceiling Speakers

When you are thinking about installing any kind of surround sound system in your home with in wall speakers, it is important to plan everything out before you get started. There are some situations where mounting the speakers will actually make more sense, but speakers in the walls definitely offering a certain sleek and stylish appeal. Let’s take a look at the basic steps that you need to follow if you want to install wall and in-ceiling speakers in your own home.

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Get Your Equipment

The first thing you will need to do before you can even get started is figure out what kind of equipment you will need. In addition to the 5 or 7 speakers that will be a part of the system, you also need to get some kind of receiver to play music and other sounds in the room or throughout the house. If you are mainly concerned with having in wall speakers throughout the entire home, then you will probably want to make sure that you have the right kind of budget for this project. You will need at least two speakers for each room, so that should help you realize whether or not this is the right project for you.

If you are more interested in setting up a surround sound situation in an entertainment room, then you need to decide between mounted speakers and speakers in the walls or ceiling. Speakers that can actually be placed in the walls are usually going to be the best option. Mounted speakers may seem like a better option for lazy people at first, but the fact of the matter is that you will still need to run wire through the walls for mounting speakers to look right.

Set Up the Blueprint

Once you have chosen your speakers, you can then think about where each speaker should be placed. If you have a five speaker system, then you will want to place four speakers in a square formation around the viewing area, with the main speaker being placed above or below the television. You basically to the same thing with a seven speaker system, except with two extra speakers at the midpoint between the television and the viewers. One extra thing to note here is that the back speakers should be as close to the sitting area as possible. This will give you the best experience possible when it comes to making you feel like you are in a movie or a video game.

Finally Getting Started

Once everything is planned out, you can start the easy part. Mark the areas where you would like to install the in wall speakers, and make sure that you are checking the wall to make sure that you will not be drilling in a sensitive area. You usually do not want to hit a stud when you are installing speakers, which is the opposite of the approach people are used to when it comes to hanging up pictures or paintings. Measure the speakers to make sure that you are making the holes the right size, and there should be some helpful size specifications included with the manual included with the speakers. You will then need to cut a hole behind the receiver to the speakers. Finally, begin feeding the speaker wire from the speaker hole towards the hole for the receiver. This is the part of the job that could require more than one person. Once you have the wire fed through the wall in a discreet manner, you basically just need to connect everything and test out the speakers before you drill them into the wall.

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