How To Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has come a long way since its inception don’t you think. If you are someone who has newly decorated their homes with Laminate Flooring, then you would certainly know what we are talking about.

They are some of the best features in anyone’s house. And what’s not to like about laminate flooring? It makes your house look a lot better and classy. It’s clean and amazing finish provides a beautiful touch to the surface of your floor.

Laminate Flooring

And not to mention the favor that laminate flooring has done on the trees. This fact cannot be denied that laminate is extremely reliable and durable.

You can easily install and disassemble a laminate flooring whenever the need arises. All these qualities certainly make laminate flooring the best type of flooring ever.

Some interesting facts about Laminate Flooring-

  • It is harder than hardwood
  • It has a locking system
  • A thin layer of this floor is made with 3D printer process that makes it look like hardwood
  • Its eco-friendly, a very good reason to use

Tips On Installing Flooring


No doubt laminate flooring is pretty easy to do and requires only 1-2 days of the installation. However, there are some important steps that need to be taken care of before you go ahead and laminate your floor.

  • You could always start by removing any existing layering of carpet or any other layer that is present in the house. This is an important part as after removing the carpet you will have a base for putting in the laminate.
  • The next step would be to remove the carpet padding and the Tack strips that are on the floor. Certain tools such as hammers and pry bars can be used to remove the tack strips.
  • Baseboard removal is another one of the important steps for laminate flooring. It is up to you whether you remove it completely or not. For that, you will have to use a utility knife.
  • You need to be assured that the subfloor is completely clean and leveled to ensure proper lamination. Use different tools to measure the levelness.
  • Acclimating the selected flooring in the room is the next step in the installation procedure. The user manual is ready to guide you through it.
  • You need to make sure when you measure the width of the room where the laminate flooring will happen.
  • The locations where the shoe mold cannot be used such as the door frames must be prepped by removing the unnecessary portions from below.
  • Make sure that you tape the seams and also do not forget to install the underlayment as given in the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Now, this is where the actual work starts. Layout an entire row to make sure of the length of the last piece. You can make necessary changes by trimming the first piece to your liking then.
  • Making the first cut is pretty crucial and requires attention. You need to mark the piece that you are gonna cut with the help of the last board.
  • Now all you gotta do is assemble the numerous pieces of the first row. To do that you have to rock the joints of the end and groove together. Make sure you have a suitable pressure while doing so.
  • Transitioning a doorway is another important step. Make sure that you have detailed information on the length of the board that will be slid under the trim
  • When you join the next piece, make sure to check on the long edge and the short edge.
  • You need to rock the piece downwards by using a mallet to tap it against a flooring piece.
  • Tap the opposite end of the small edge to close the gap in it. This ensures the safety of the groove edge.
  • For straight and efficient installation, continue with the pyramid pattern of installing the rows.
  • When you come close to a wall, a pull bar comes in very handy to close the short gap in between. It is up to your liking on how much gap you want.
  • The spot under the doorway is an extremely tricky spot. The solution here would be to divide and break the section into two to make the job easier.
  • Installing the baseboards is another important parts to line up the corners of the room. The rest can be done by the shoe molding, which will cover up the minute gaps that occur between the flooring and the baseboard.

Laminate flooring can be a bit tricky when done without supervision. Make sure that you follow these above-mentioned steps to make your house floor properly laminated.

Erin Emanuel