How To Keep Your Tenants Happy


Keep Your Tenants Happy

If you have been a landowner for a while, you will know how difficult it is to find good tenants. Dealing with a difficult tenant is a nightmare, and so is asking tenant after tenant to leave. So, once you come across people who are potentially great tenants, you should do all you can to keep them happy and satisfies.

The whole tenant turnover process is time-consuming and hectic. Replacing tenants every year can easily bring you losses, because you will have to refresh the apartment each time a tenant leaves, as well wait the void period. That is why a trustworthy tenant should be taken good care of.

Here are some of how you can keep great tenants happy.

  • Cater To Their Problems Effectively

Give your tenant the number to your cell, so that they can call you as soon as there is a problem. If it’s not possible for you to take care of the problem right then, assure them that you have received their message and will take care of the problem as soon as you can.

How To Keep Your Tenants Happy

Also, you need to stay true to your promise and address their issues within a day or two. This way, your tenants will know what a reliable landowner you are.

  • A Little Bribery Helps

Around the time of the tenancy renewal, provide your tenant with some lucrative offer. You can offer to keep the rent same for the next year – this is something your tenants will not be able to refuse.

This might sound like a loss of profit, but you will not have to go through the loss of another void period.

If you do decide to increase the rent, offer to freshen up the apartment. Paint the walls or ad some new furniture to the mix.

  • Keep Them Informed

Let your tenants know how things around your apartment work. For example, let them know the timings for the water supply, the electrical consumption, and so on. Also, let them know what they should do around the apartment- from gardening duties to locking up at night. Initiating them into caring for your property will leave them feeling confident.

  • But, Avoid Being Too Friendly

During the initial period of the tenancy, call your tenants to see how they are doing. Answer any questions they might be having the property. After that, only answer their calls. Even if you are doing it out of genuine affection, it may come off as a little creepy. Let them know that although they may be living in your house, it is their home.

  • Send Them Presents

Not all the time, just on special occasions. You can send them a housewarming gift when they first move in, and then send cards to festivals like Christmas. This will create a sense of goodwill between your tenant and yourself, and you might even gain a good friend out of the process.

As we said earlier, a good tenant is hard to come by. That is precisely why you should take good care of the ones you have, obviously only if they take care of your property and are not destructive in any way.

Erin Emanuel