How To Make Clay

Clay is something that we all use from time to time. It is an important part of our day to day life, and there is no denying. You can use clay to make different products which will certainly be of help in your household.

But for that, you will have to get yourself a lot of it, and let’s face the fact, the clay found at the stores are pretty expensive aren’t they? So how about we tell you that we have got a way for you to make your very own clay at home. Sounds like fun right? Well, it most certainly is. Who wants to use the expensive store-bought clay when you can make some at your home?


Making Clay At Home

Now making your own clay at home isn’t really a very difficult task, to begin with. Plus we are here with instructions to help you with that. Let us start by saying that the clay that you are going to make in here is the type made from the household items and not the other rocky elements.

There are different types of making various kinds of clay, but the one we are talking about in here is clay in its simplest form. Most of the ingredients that you will need, you can buy it from the food store. This particular type of clay is a very durable one, and you can use it for a very long period if you store it in an air-tight jar and keep it in the dark, cool place. You don’t even have to bake this type of clay to solidify it. Just air-dry the thing and you are done.

Some Tips That’ll Help You

Here are some tips and steps, following which you can make your own clay at home.

Get Yourself The Ingredients And The Tools

Well, buckle up gang, because it is time for shopping for the goods that you will be needing. Ingredients are an important part of a procedure and so are tools. It will be a great idea if you keep everything ready before you go ahead and start making your own clay. The ingredients that you will be needing are flour, salt, tarter cream, oil, and water. All these ingredients have a definite proportion for the formula to work. As for the tools part, all you need is a utensil to boil water, a large bowl for mixing, a wooden spoon and cookie sheet. Now if you wish to decorate your clay, then you can use paint, food colouring to add a little colour, carving tools, a large needle and a cookie cutter.

Get The Water Boiling

Now that you are all set with your ingredients and tools let get to work. The first step here to do would to take a utensil and fill it with some water. Let the water boil as you use some food colouring to make the clay, more colourful. Now, this is optional whether you want to add food colouring or not.

Add The Stuff Into A Bowl

Well, since you are waiting for the water to boil up, during this time you can put all the other dry ingredients in the mixing bowl that you have with you. Make sure that you mix all of those nicely.

Mix The Oil And Water

Once you have your water all boiled up, you can add the oil to the boiled water and mix thoroughly.

Mix All Of Them

You can now pour the mix of the hot water and oil into the mixing bowl and mix everything together. Make sure that you use a wooden spoon during the procedure as it is highly recommended. After mixing, you can let the mix cool somewhere. For making an aromatic clay, you can add a bit of vanilla essence to the mixture.

Knead The Mix To Make Your Clay

After the clay is cooled down, take all of it out of the large bowl and put the mix on the cookie sheet. Knead it very gently until the mixture becomes pliable and has a consistency similar to the clay found in stores. And voila, your clay is all ready to use.

So now you know how to make clay at your home with the help of simple ingredients. You could use this clay to make clay models or pottery. And kids always have fun playing with clay. So go ahead and make yourself some with the help of these simple instructions.

Erin Emanuel