Make Your Room Look Bigger With These 7 Easy Steps

Let’s face it. We don’t always get to have the biggest rooms we want. As long as it’s situated in a convenient location that’s near the workplace, school, malls, hospitals, and markets, we’re okay. There are also times when we are inspired and motivated to take steps to make our room look bigger likes those of country club homes in Tagaytay. Home styling magazines and our creative interior designer friends come in for help. In addition, this article provides brief steps on how to make your tiny space look and feel tremendous.

Make Your Room Look Bigger With These 7 Easy Steps


Use Mirrors Profusely

Use Mirrors ProfuselyPlacing mirrors on one side of the entire wall or as the centerpiece of the house will certainly add more drama and emphasis to your room. If you’re one who likes checking on your outfit for the day, this trick can be more advantageous to you. Mirrors have the power to visually double the size of the space you have and they easily reflect any light that has passed on to the surface.

Choose Light Paint Color

paint-color-lightA room that’s painted with lighter color for the walls and ceiling will look brighter and appear larger than a dull and dark one. Make sure to choose a color that you won’t get tired of looking especially when you feel stressed from work at the end of the day. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with nudes and monochromatic tones. To add some spice, adding accents everywhere will make the interior design to look playful.

Put Clutter Away

home-clutterSpare some time in a day—or week—to fix your things and put them back to proper storage areas. Your room should not be a place where you just deposit trash and things that don’t belong. A pile of clutter only contributes to distractions. You might be surprised how big the space it occupies once you get rid of all of it. Store it in the attic, or put a garage sale if you have items that are unnecessary for your daily life.

Use Foldable Objects

foldable-objectsAnything that’s foldable is a great piece of furniture that’s wise to invest in. A sofa that can double as a bed, and a study table that can get smaller or put to the side when not in use, or a built in ironing board are some of the best and most innovative examples of this that can save space.

Maximize Natural Light

natural-lightYou’re in luck when you have large windows in the room. Don’t put this to waste and let the sunshine in every morning till dawn. Natural lighting widens the look and feel of your space and it instantly lifts the ambiance and vibe of the area.

Also, natural lighting gives you more open space which helps a huge role with the ventilation of the room.  It’s not just about comfort, but cutting a little bit of the expenses too.

Rearrange and Move Things Around

rearrange-move-things-homeIf you have been staying in the same room for years and you haven’t moved things around even a bit, set a quiet weekend to carefully plan and consider the best layout of your room. Larger pieces should be placed near or at the corners of the room. As much as possible, keep the middle area open for walking space. The illusion of more foot room and pathways gives more encouragement for you to freely move about. Just remember to constantly move the furniture once every two weeks. It will help you spot the dusty spots of the house way easier than having to clean every month.

Think Vertically

vertical-furniture-layoutNo surprise here, when you’re short of horizontal space, utilizing vertical spaces such as the doors and the walls of the room is the quick and easy solution. Hang up picture frames, vinyl records, and other types of decors, and mount your LCD TV on the wall instead of placing them on a table or shelf. Instead of using wide horizontal dressers for the bedroom, rely on the usual vertical cabinets.


Completing a cozy home does not necessarily require a large space. When you strategically organize the placement of furniture and things in the room, you can take more advantage of the little space you have and feel happy about it. Revitalize your bedroom with these tips to prevent your room from looking visually overcrowded.

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