How to Maximize Space in Your Home

As the economy continues to struggle, most of us are making due with less. As most cannot afford the home we dream of, we are left with the challenge of fitting ourselves and our families into a smaller space than would be ideal.

We can all simplify our lives, buy less, and enjoy the more durable experience and items. But we’re likely committed to our homes. So, as we make the changes to settle into the new normal, here are some helpful tips on how to maximize space in your home.



First Impressions

The entry to your home isn’t just for guests, it affects how you feel about your home when departing and arriving as well.

  • You need hooks or a coat tree to keep it all wrapped up.
  • Keys on a rack or in a bowl, shades and purse right there too.
  • Straighten those shoes!

Tidy Up and Hide Yo’ Stuff

You will feel, as will your family and guests, that you have more room if you keep it all tidy and clean. Simple, but it makes a huge difference in maximizing space in your home.

  • Make your bed, every day.
  • Keep the dishes clean and out of the sink. Dinner dishes can wait until morning, but no later.
  • Shut cabinet doors and drawers. And put everything in those cabinets. No need for counter clutter.
  • Shut closet doors. And put all your clothes, clean and dirty, inside those closets. The floor is for carpets, and not ones made of a layer of clothing.
  • And inside those closets use boxes, tubs, baskets, whatever works to hide it all away. And double bar that closet!
  • Remember typically unused spaces too. Under your bed is an oft-ignored space for storage and wheeled containers specifically meant for this are a thing now.

Convert It

Make great use of convertibles in your home and adapt to being adaptable!

  • Many ottoman styles have been designed to hold blankets, reading material, the remote controls, and more.
  • Tables with drawers are your friend.
  • A deeper sofa, or a daybed, can be kept at the ready for guests sleeping over and still function well in the daytime.
  • Folding chairs, the oft-maligned TV table, and anything on wheels – adapt or evolve!

Reflect Upon Things

Mirrored Alfama


Mirrors, glass, lighting, these can all really open up a room!

  • Use large mirrors instead of wall art to double the space you feel through vision.
  • Keep blinds open in the day for window views to be reflected in all those mirrors, and expand again.
  • Glass doors can open things up, expose it all!


Make use of vertical space in your home, and get the most out of every inch!

  • The space on top of your cabinets can be a great location for a little used but valued collection.
  • Give ceilings extra height, and feel space expand with floor to ceiling draperies.
  • Bookcases can go all the way to the ceiling and keep much still within view, but without cluttering the space.

As a last case scenario, you might think about getting versatile 20 ft containers to store all the extra furniture and other items that are taking up space in your home. This isn’t going to work for everyone, but it will give you more time to maximize the space in your home.

Erin Emanuel