Best Ideas on How to Never Forget Your Keys

How many times have you been ready to race out the door only to discover that your car keys are nowhere to be found? keysYou go through coat pockets, dump your purse, and check the bowl in the foyer. No keys.

While you can’t anticipate every situation, there are certainly ways to ensure you don’t get locked out of your office, car, or house and that keys are easy to locate. Try these tested solutions.

1. Get yourself a cheery key chain. That way keys will be easier to spot and bigger so they are less likely to hide in your purse. When your key-chain is more obvious and memorable others will have recalled seeing keys you left lying somewhere.

2. Have a specific spot for keys like a hook inside the door to your garage or a bowl in the front foyer. That way you can drop them off the minute you get inside the door and grab them the last thing before you go out the door.

3. Attach your keys to a stylish lanyard or bracelet or clip them to your pants. There are lots of reliable gizmos or gadgets that do this.

4. Houseclean that key ring. If you have pounds of keys, chances are there are keys on that key ring that open a house you’ve sold or luggage that long ago wore out. Get rid of keys that serve no purpose.

5. Why not go high tech? Attach something like a handbag or a gym bag or a backpack to your keys. Register the object with an app on your phone using Bluetooth. Then, whenever you open the app you’ll be able to track where that object attached to your keys is. You’ll get an alert with the last known location of that object…and yours elusive keys.

6. Tile those keys. There is a whole range of wireless object finders of which Tile is an example. Tile is a disc that you can attach to clothing, shoes, a bag or other object. Stick N Find works like Tile except it can be stuck to things like your key ring. The principle in both cases is that Tile or Stick N Find emits a radar-like mechanism to locate the keys.

7. Have a place for everything whether it is a drawer, a hook, a bowl… Think about where you use items like keys and how often you use them. Put them in the same place each time you arrive home. If you have children treat your keys like a gun. Put them in a safe place where kids cannot reach them. Keys in kids’ hands can easily get lost or misused. Don’t drop them in your purse or you will be forever digging for them or trying to decide which purse you last used. The same goes for pockets!

Careful planning and developing a routine then adhering to it is the key (pun intended) to ensuring you are not constantly seeking those misplaced keys.

No matter how well you plan ahead there will be those situations beyond your control. For those occasions give us a call or email us at our website:

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Erin Emanuel