Protecting Your Home: Top Ways of Preventing Nature Caused Damages to Your Home

Many different forces of nature can damage a home. Some problems like earthquakes are localized to certain areas. Other problems like flooding and hurricanes are much more widespread. Homeowners can take several proven steps to prevent damage to a home from natural causes.


Add a Sump Pump to the Basement

Flooding is a problem that affects many homes across the country. A sump pump is a device installed in a basement that can move water out of the house as soon as it starts collecting. Sump pumps activate automatically. The pump usually sits in a below-grade well and connects to an outside drainage line. Installing a primary and backup sump pump can double the capacity. Sump pumps can prevent water damage and flooding even if the home is unoccupied.

Install Storm Shutters


One of the largest natural risks is flying debris. High winds can turn small rocks and twigs into dangerous projectiles that will shatter windows. Storm shutters are solid protective panels that can be installed around windows. The shutters are open when they are not needed. They can be closed and locked shut if a hurricane or tornado approaches. The shutters can protect everyone inside a home during a bad storm. They come in made different styles and shapes today.

Regular Pest Control and Inspections

Pests like termites, rodents and roaches are a natural force that can destroy a home. Termites can eat through wood and damage the structure of the house. Roaches can slowly dissolve away drywall and other materials. Mice and rats can chew through wires or eat away baseboards. The solution is regular inspections from a pest control company. Inspections can help to detect termites, roaches and rodents so that they can be eliminated. Pest control professionals can also lay down preventative traps and chemicals that stop dangerous infestations in the future. Some even have a two year guarantee on some inspections like San Joaquin Termite Inspection offers in Bakersfield, CA.

Keep the Property Maintained

Some homes are damaged by the trees, plants and other items directly on the property. The yard and lawn should always be properly maintained. This must include pruning trees and shrubs, keeping lawns healthy and removing yard waste and debris. This will stop branches or debris from damaging the home when the winds become strong. It also helps to have trees and shrubs inspected to make sure root systems are not damaging the foundation or underground mains connected to the home.

Inspect Roof Regularly


Your roof is the first contact with extreme weather. Whether it is rain or snow, a bad roof will let it in. By making sure you have your roof inspected at least once a year will help make sure that your roof is prepared to withstand the elements.

Any safety measures need to be checked and re-evaluated regularly. Sump pumps and shutters should be checked each season. Pest control specialists should be called at least once a year. This will ensure the house is protected against damage from natural disasters.

Erin Emanuel