How to properly clean a carpet?

Despite the wide range of different options in the shops of carpets, carpet-directly and does not lose its popularity. However, in order to extend the life of its colours and colour should be properly to care for it. For example competently cleaned so how do you properly clean the carpet?

carpet CleaningBefore you sweep the floor, carpet vacuumed better. At the outset of a dust clean rug inside out, and then the front. Then the carpet is rolled into a tube. New carpets not vacuumed are too often simply 1 times per week. The rest of have enough cleans with a soft broom. Sometime you can’t handle it in this case you can take help of local carpet cleaning companies.

Cleaning carpet in the winter snow on the street is too difficult. However, large rugs, at times, hard to make out, so easier to dust them right in the room. Nice to absorb dust wet sawdust or hot tea. They should be spread evenly on the surface of the carpet, and then, starting from the Center, clean sweep. It is advisable to purchase a special mat herbal whisk and not use stiff brushes.

Grease stains from carpet can be removed with a talcum powder or crushed chalk. On top of a mound on a patch of chalk put blotting paper and iron a warm iron gently. As far as worksheet pollution it is replaced by a new one. Dirt and soil from the carpet gently clean off only after drying. Professional service like carpet cleaning Brisbane Suppliers can save your time.

Cleaning carpet without a vacuum cleaner?

The most simple, fast, efficient and easy way to clean your carpet is to vacuum it. But if the carpet is not new, the care he needed a closer and only a vacuum cleaner here.

Use the recipes of our mothers and grandmothers, because at that time there was a vacuum in each apartment, but, nevertheless, the carpets looked clean, fresh and retain excellent appearance for long enough.

Cleaning salt: Whisk wet under hot water and place it in a bucket of hot, soapy water. Sprinkle carpet very thick coarse table salt (but never shallow – remove her from the pile is very difficult!). Leave it on for a while you wash the whisk (the SOAP solution to wash away) and then sweep the broom.

Cleaning the snow the way to know everything, but to remind of it will not be superfluous. Lay the carpet in pure snow (snow must be dry) and keep it snow broom. After some time the snow absorbs dirt and it will sweep away. If necessary, the procedure repeated several more times until with a carpet of snow will not be clean.

Cleaning with vinegar the color of the carpet after this cleaning becomes saturated, fresh. You still need a rug vacuumed or brushed. Then a brush moisten with acetic solution (a tablespoon of vinegar in a quart of water), and shake off the excess moisture to brush across the surface of the carpet.

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