How to protect the exterior of your home

The facade of your house is crucial to its appearance. Whether it is made of stone, brick, paint or render, the condition of this exterior skin of your house shows the state of the overall health of the entire building.

The effects of weather have always had their fair share of impact on the exteriors of houses. In countries such as the UK, the moist climate is responsible for having a degrading effect on the outer walls of houses which remain exposed to the extreme weather conditions. Nowadays, when mostly concrete is being used to create the skin of modern buildings, the damaging effects of moisture are becoming more and more prominent across the country. Concrete is highly susceptible to the water present in the atmosphere, and when the extremely humid conditions prevail throughout the year, it is bound to develop damp zones internally.


To tackle faulty concrete walls and the resultant damp due to moist weather, weatherproof wall coatings have been formulated.

What are wall coatings?

External wall coatings are ornamental treatments for outer walls, which retain the aesthetic values of traditional wall coatings while providing an extra layer of protection to damaged walls. Since these are mostly used for protecting outer walls of your house from the damaging effects of the weather, waterproof coatings are made up of high-quality elements. These are usually found to contain high amounts of resin to improve their elasticity as well as adhesive properties. Polyester, Acrylic, Alkyd and various other ingredients are also found within.

An exterior wall coatings service like All Weather Coating manufactures weatherproof coatings in various textures and shades, to suit the diverse tastes and preferences of their customers. Textures can vary from non-textured looks and fine finishing to coarse and heavy build textures. Depending on the condition of the walls that are going to be painted by these coatings, heavily textured coatings can be used to cover up flaws and scars of repairs.

Why are wall coatings important?

Firstly, they are basically used to offer a superior finishing to the outer walls of a building, so that the façade looks attractive. As already mentioned before, textured coatings can be used wonderfully to conceal cracks and repair marks on the outer walls, to provide a flawless finishing to the face of your house.

Secondly, wall coatings are used to serve as a weather-proof treatment to offer a long-lasting and protective top coat to the external walls of your house. The presence of microscopic pores makes them breathable. So when tiny bits of moisture happen to accumulate in these pores, they are also quick to dry up. Since moisture isn’t retained, there is, of course, no question of walls getting damp.


There are various agencies offering this service that will come over to visit your place. They will inspect your house to determine which type of wall coating will be most suitable in your case. It is recommended for you to choose wisely, since this treatment will ensure the overall protection of the health of your house.

Erin Emanuel