How To Replace A Toilet

The key factor is to know that when the right time to replace your toilet is. If it is giving you a lot of trouble then it is time you should replace it than fixing it again and again. You don’t need a professional plumber to replace your toilet, with the help of right tools you can do this job on your own.

How To Replace A Toilet

Tips That Might Come In Handy

Here are few steps below which gives you an idea of replacing your old toilet.

  • The waste and supply pipes of the toilet remain in position from before, so replacing it is a forthright task. It would be a complex process if you want to replace the toilet in a new position, better call a professional plumber.
  • Learn about the Anatomy: In an ordinary toilet design, the bowl is above the front of the tank is common. It is simple as well as very compact to install.
  • Layout rags and Newspaper: Collect old towels and newspaper before assembling required equipment. Remove the toilet and set the newspaper or cloth. Beware of the size of the toilet while buying, if it does not match with the size of the older one, there will be a problem in replacing due to the space occupied. Nowadays toilets are designed with larger and longer sizes than those of ordinary ones.
  • Drain the water: Drain all the water out from your toilet by shutting off its water supply. After this, flush the toilet for a number of times so as to remove all the water from the bowl and from the tank as well. You can use a container too to scoop out the left water from the bowl. This will prevent the leak out of water from the toilet while carrying it through your home.
  • Disconnect the Toilet: Detach all the nuts which connect the toilet to the water supply line. Then unscrew all the nuts that are located under the caps on the base of the toilet.
  • Loosen the Seal: Try to free your toilet by scoring between the floor and the bowl with the help of a knife and then by rock it gently from side by side. Use some old towels or newspaper to put the lifted toilet. Use a knife to detach the toilet and try to prevent the evasion of sewer gas by blocking the drainpipe.
  • The Position of the New Bowl: Attach a new gasket on the new bowl’s outlet with the tapered side facing away from the bowl. The flange of a toilet makes the connection between the waste pipe and toilet, so check whether the flange is tight.
  • Replace Wax Ring: There are different kinds of wax ring, for direct flow of water the wax gasket has plastic inserted in it. But for a proper protection against sewer gases, wax gaskets without plastic inserted in it are used.
  • Apply Caulk and Set: Put on a bead of caulk on the toilet’s base and detach the cloth from the drainpipe. Now place the bowl on the flange’s top and press it down.
  • Fasten Bowl to Floor: Tighten the nuts and washers onto the bolts so as to fasten the bowl to the floor.
  • Level it Out and Cover Bolts: Take some caps and fill them with plumber’s putty, now cover the bolts with these caps.
  • Set the New Tank: Now on the base of the tank, insert the bolts by lowering the tank gently over the bowl and lower it carefully into place.
  • Attach Tank to Bowl: Tighten the nuts and washers between the bowl and the tank so as to attach them.
  • Put a Lid On It: After levelling the tank put a lid on its top. Try not to seal the joint between the tank and the lid.
  • Connect the Toilet: Join the supply line between the fill valve and the shut-off valve.
  • Tighten the Compression Nut: Tighten the compression nut to flinch the supply of water to the toilet. Open the shut-off valve after this.
  • Apply Caulk: To seal the joint between the floor and toilet, use a bathroom sealant to run along the toilet’s bottom.
  • Smooth It Out: For a clean finish, wet your finger to smooth the sealant along its joint.

With these few steps, you will be able to finish replacing a toilet efficiently.

Erin Emanuel