How to set up the perfect home library

In the age of highly-advanced ebook readers and reading apps, there are a few among us who still love to curl up by the fire with a paperback and a good cup of hot chocolate in our hands. If you are like me and started collecting books from the age of five and cannot bear to part yourself from even a single book, you probably have hundreds of books tucked away, waiting for that day when they will proudly grace the shelves of your home library. If you are planning to set up a home library for your kids or want one for yourself, have a look at some of the most common questions that people have.

how to setup a home library


How do I choose the room for my home library?

Choose a room with adequate lighting, comfortable furniture and a quiet nook where someone can curl up to read. It should ideally be in a part of your home which is relatively calm and does not see a lot of traffic. However, try to avoid basements and attics because they are prone to insects and mold-causing humidity. Basements also pose the added risk of flooding.

How much shelving space do you need?

Shelving space depends on how many books you have and whether you plan to showcase your entire collection in your library or display just a selected few to create a cozy reading space instead.

If you are short of space, you can use the entire length of the wall for shelves and don’t forget the area under staircases and above doorways. Also make sure that your flooring is tough enough to bear the load, especially if it is on a higher floor. If you are a renter, you can choose to go for freestanding bookcases that you can take with you when you leave. If your book collection has some valuable antique books or first editions, you may want to go for glass bookcases which will help preserve them.

What about lighting, furniture and décor?

Natural lighting may be enough during daytime, but you will need side lamps and overhead lighting for those evenings when you want just a book for company. Though home libraries in the past used to have dark wood-paneled walls and sturdy wooden furniture, you can choose to furnish your library in whatever style you choose and whatever style or color you prefer. A rolling library ladder is a great addition to any home library with tall shelves.

How do I organize my books?

A good system of organization is essential if you want to look a book quickly and easily. If your book collection is mostly fiction, you can opt for alphabetizing them by name. Some people like sorting their books by color, though I am personally not in favor of it. You can also choose to keep those books which you have not read yet in a place which is easily accessible. Don’t forget to check out software programs such as BookCAT or for organizing your collection electronically.

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