Summer House: How to Spread Out Spending on a Second Home

A summer home can be just the escape your family needs, but you must find a place you can afford and feel comfortable traveling to often. You can spread around the spending that is required for a second home, and save a lot of money if you plan it right. The goal is to make your second home affordable and enjoyable whether it’s in the mountains or near the beach.


The majority of families today that have a summer home are sharing the space and cost with a number of other families. They pay into the house every month, and the families come together to make a schedule for the use of the house. Some families will use the home at the same time, or you can schedule your use of the home alone. Timeshares a great for a budget and for big families looking to spread around the cost and time they can spend there.


The Budget

You can budget to make payments on a home or timeshare for vacation purposes. Every family and situation is different, so you must decide how much you can afford, since the budget you decide on determines the type of home you can have. You may want to purchase a small cabin in the woods or by the beach. You can invest in a gorgeous timeshare, or you can own a home outright that your family can use for generations. It’s always a good idea to consider all the options available to you.

The Beach

Many families prefer to have a summer home on the beach, since beach houses are often small cottages that can be rented or bought for cheap. These cottages are easy to afford for most families, but your family may want to get a condo that is near to the beach. There are several vacation and tourist communities where you can invest in a condo, and you should choose the location you enjoy most. According to, more popular beaches will have higher real estate, while smaller secluded beach towns might be able to accommodate you without the crowds. You might find you prefer a Miami luxury beach home to a smaller cottage on a remote coast.

The Lake

Getting a cabin by the lake is a wonderful way to relax. Your family can purchase a timeshare in a cabin, or you can find a small cabin to buy alone. The cabin is a place where your family can visit all times of the year. Your children will grow up knowing they have a place to find solitude. Your family can keep the cabin for generations, and it will turn into an investment that your children and grandchildren will benefit from. Though you may have to save up for recreation equipment like snowmobiles and skis, you’ll have ready-made recreation at the lake until you get to a place where you can afford more.

In The City

Looking for a second home might take you further into town than out, and you can find hotels that rent rooms to clients for long periods of time, or large apartments for rent. You can invest in a timeshare in one of these places, and your family can purchase the apartment with a second mortgage. It’s a great way to become more connected to history and culture, especially if you live in the country other times in the year.

You can get a home on the beach, the lake, or in the city when you plan to make these vacation destinations affordable. You should decide how much money you can commit to the vacation space, and your family can create a vacation paradise your children or grandchildren will come to know as their home away from home.


Erin Emanuel