How to Start a House Flipping Project

With the surge in house prices during the pandemic it has become more and more expensive to invest in real estate. Buying a new home doesn’t come cheap. However, there is a chance to strike a good deal if you decide to do a house flipping project. Buying a house that needs restoration can be a fun process and with the current market it might be profitable as well. Here is how you get started flipping a house.   

Find Your Budget

Before you buy a house for flipping, you should find out how much you want to spend on the project. You need to consider that there are a lot of costs involved besides the price of the property. If you are to start a house flipping business, you need to consider that you will experience additional costs, such as an accountant to do your financial auditing.

Besides that, you might also want to buy a good name for your business. You can find great names for your next house flipping project online and get help generating one, if you want a specific name or keyword in it. Turning our focus back to the budget you will also need to consider:

  • Upgrades and repairs how much money are you willing to spend fixing the property. You should consider what you can do yourself, what you need professionals for, and the costs involved.
  • Running costs – It is not free to keep a house flipping project running. You might have mortgages, utilities and taxes that need to be paid. Remember to include these in your budget.
  • Professionals – Besides the workers you will also need to pay the real estate agent that closes the deal. The real estate agent might also be able to estimate your potential income from the project.
  • Your Time – This may not cost any real time, but time is precious. Consider how much time that you are going to spend on the project, and what your sacrifices will be.
House Flipping Project

House Flipping Project

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Search The Market

Right now, it does not look like the housing market is slowing down anytime soon. But even though the prices are increasing all over the country, it is important to find the right location for your investment. You don’t want to spend too much money on your investment but not too little either. Therefore, you should find a neighborhood somewhere in the middle. Here you will have a good chance of striking a good deal. Look at completely flipped houses in the area and try to compare the price with your flipping costs.

Buy a House and Flip It

So, when you find the right location and the right house it is time to start flipping it. Always remember to have your eyes on the target and make sure that your home improvements are safe and have a good aesthetic outlook. Find inspiration on Instagram and make good use of the trends that are provided there. Just knowing how to make a bedroom look good and welcoming, can be the reason that you close a deal and finish your first house flipping project. Remember to always do a lot of research and keep within budget and I am sure, that you will have an amazing time flipping someone’s new home.


Erin Emanuel