How To Tile A Shower

Everyone has a shower in their house nowadays. It is one of the essential home equipment that makes a house complete. People nowadays are more centered on making their showers look more beautiful and tiling them is one way to do so.

If someone mentioned about tiling a shower before, people would’ve brushed the topic aside as they thought that any architectural addition to the shower could lead to errors such as leaks and lead to damage repairs.

Tile A Shower

But with the change of times, and with the addition of new and amazing tiling technology such as waterproof membranes and other materials, tiling issues can certainly be subdued. It is now possible to tile a shower efficiently so that it will make showering more pleasant and convenient.

To tile, a shower is a very important home-improvement process. Not only will it make your home look a lot more beautiful but it will also make you feel elegant and pampered.


Doing the job alone can be a bit challenging for some. Well, don’t you worry, because we are here to simplify it down for you with these few simple and easy steps.


Interesting facts about shower

  • 5500 liters of water is wasted every year by dripping shower head
  • In just five mins shower, 75 liters of water is consumed
  • 75% people admit urinating in the shower
  • McCarthy had a world record for showering for 341 hours

Keep The Shower Pan In A Correct Place

One of the most important steps, while you tile a shower on your own, is to make sure that you keep the pan in the right place and position. Building the shower pan from the start with the help of mortar and tile or a ready-made pan of fiberglass is certainly an additional element of kink to the process. The inherent nature of the mentioned pan to leak is the reason for that. Shower walls have to be waterproof, there is no doubt about the fact, but the experience that they have of water pooling in the pan is also a fact.

Strip The Existing Shower Stall To Studs

This includes everything on the list from walls, hardware, and ceilings, except the floor pan. If you cannot bring yourself to tolerate the ugliness after the demolition, hire a remodeling contractor to help you go through that. The messier it gets, the better and easier it will be to install the tile.

Install The Cement Backer Board

You need to install a cement backer board and staple it to the studs. Before that, you have to remove the Green board that is a kind of moisture resistant element in the shower stalls, which is not exactly useful for the new tiling process.

Get The First Row Of The Tiles Marked And Levelled

The next step that you need to focus on is marking the exact location of the tiles that will be on the first row. You can use a contractor’s pencil to do that. Make sure that the bottom edge of the tiles is in contact with the bottom of the cement board. To be extra sure, overlap the bottom edge and the bottom board for half an inch.

Mortar The Bottom Row

Make sure that you use thin-set mortar for application in the bottom row. Get yourself an expensive thin-set mortar while you are out buying as that are the premixed and easy powdered ones. They will be much easier to use.

Make Sure That The Bottom Row Sticks Without Aid

Believe me, if it doesn’t, then you are doing it wrong, guys. Using a notched trowel to lay down a single and thin coat of mortar is advised. You need to press the first row of tiles firmly. And if the tiles to do not stick without help then you will have to repeat the procedure. Let the row set once you are done with the procedure.

Use Spacers When You Continue

Install the upper rows first and make sure that they are spaced on all the sides. You can take the help of tile spacers to make sure. You need to have an idea about proper tile spacing for it to work.

Use A Wet Sponge To Grout The Tile

You need to let the tiles set for at least 48 hours and then press the grout by using a rubber float or a wet sponge, into the seams that are open. Scrape away the excess grout that is left after you are done. Haze removers can be used to scrape off the excess ones.

Excited about tiling your shower now? Make sure that you follow all the necessary steps to do that efficiently.

Erin Emanuel