How to Use a Dremel Tool to Carve Wood?


Dremel Tool to Carve Wood?

The Dremel has become synonymous with the rotary tool despite it being a brand name and not the actual tool.

Of course over the years competition has developed, Wen is one of the biggest competitors to Dremel and you’ll often find a debate ranging regarding which rotary tool is better?

Whether you use a Dremel or a similar handheld rotary tool you’ll find the approach to carving wood is the same:

Choosing Solid Wood Furniture

Use A Workbench

Carving is generally a slow and messy process; you’ll want to make sure you get it right first time.

A flat workbench will give you the space you need to work safely. You’ll also be able to clamp the wood to the bench if necessary; allowing you to focus on carving not on the wood moving.

Know Your Dremel

It is important to be comfortable holding your Dremel and to practice with it. This includes removing the attachment and reattaching it on several occasions.

This should be as easy as pushing the blue button and loosen the head lock by turning it counter-clockwise. Reverse this to reattach the new head. You should have a small wrench with your Dremel that will allow you to loosen and tighten effectively.

Create Your Carving

Your Dremel can cut most wood but obviously soft wood is much easier. You’ll need to choose the piece you want and then place it onto your work bench.

You can then draw your design onto the wood. If you prefer draw it on paper and then transfer it to the wood.

It s important to do this to ensure you have used all the available space and the look is perfect.


You’ll need to select one of your cutting heads depending on which size fits your needs best.

Then start with your Dremel. You should be holding it like a pencil to give you maximum control. You may also prefer to use a small cutting head and upgrade as you complete each piece separately.

It is important to go round the outline first and remove any unwanted material. You’ll need to clear away the sawdust regularly to prevent it from getting in your way.


It is easy to remove any soft spots in your wood with the aid of the Dremel sanding attachment. You can even polish them to perfection if you wish.

This is also an effective way of getting rid of any other blemishes that have appeared on your wood.

Review & Adjust

Once you’ve finished carving you’ll need to give your creation an extra clean so that you can exam the finished article.

Don’t be surprised if you need to clean again and make some fine adjustments; it’s very rare to get it right on your first attempt.

Finishing Touches

To really make your creation stand out you’ll want to paint it or varnish it. For this you’ll need a small brush and plenty of patience; the effort will be worthwhile.

Erin Emanuel