How To Wrap Presents

So have you already bought some classy and amazing presents for your family and friends? Yes? Then certainly you are all set for the festive season here. Well, you must be forgetting something very important by now. Yes, wrapping up the present.

Until a present is efficiently and properly wrapped up, we don’t think that it is ready for presentation yet. And while many people are just pro at wrapping up the presents, there are some that don’t know the first thing about it. So for them, we have a detailed method on how to wrap up some presents in a very efficient manner. Because when you care about someone to buy them a present, you obviously need to wrap it up nicely for doubling up the pleasure.


Steps That’ll Come In Handy

The experts in gift-wrapping make the procedure sound pretty simple. But the truth is that wrapping a gift properly requires some attention to details. You don’t want to screw up the whole thing now, do you? Here are some of the steps for making sure that the presents are all wrapped properly.

Taking Measurements Before You Start

Measurements are extremely important when it comes to wrapping the presents. You need to make sure that the wrapping paper is enough for the present to be covered up properly. Find some flat surface where you can unravel the wrapping paper. Place the present on the paper. Make sure that the largest area is faced downwards. Make sure that the wrapping paper is enough to cover up all the side of the present. Leave some extra space for efficient wrapping. You can also take the help of a rule if you find the present too heavy for placing above the wrapping paper. All you got to do then is take the measurement and total it up to make sure that the length of the paper is greater than the present. You can also use the ruler for cutting and folding. Mark the places where you need to cut. Now you are all set for the next procedure.

Cutting The Wrapping Paper

After making sure that the edges of the paper are long enough to cover up the whole gift, it is time to cut the paper. Now, this step requires precision and attention. You need to make sure that the paper that you cut does not get messy due to your shaking hands. Pull the wrapping paper to make it tighter and cut the area that you marked, making sure that you don’t cross the markings. The last thing that you need is some uneven pieces on your wrapping paper.

Taping Up The Gift

You can take the help of double-sided tape for this procedure. It makes the wrapped gift look like it’s done by a professional. You need to make sure that the tapes are hidden to enhance the beauty of the gift. Put the gift it the middle and lift up the edges of the paper one by one to make sure that the paper covers all the sides of the box. It really depends on the shape of the gift which decides how much wrapping paper you will be needing. Tape all the sides of the paper along the sides of the gift and make sure that the creases are all hidden.

Covering Up The Ends

When you are all done taping up the gift, it is now the time to cover up the ends of the gift where there is an excess of wrapping paper. Pick one end and tuck the paper in the middle of the side that is uncovered. Make a crease by putting some pressure on the gift. Repeat the process for the different sides. There will be a flap present on the ends now. All you got to do is tape them down, one by one. Trim off the flap a bit if the length is a bit greater than that of the present. You need to make sure that this process is done efficiently for better results.

Add Finishing Touches

You need to make sure that all the sides and ends of the gift are all wrapped up. Don’t forget to tag the present for making it more beautiful. You can also add some ribbons to enhance the beauty of the presents.

And there you go. Your gift is all wrapped and ready to be presented. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the steps though.

Erin Emanuel