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Continuing education is a term used to recognize post secondary education. Such classes include degree and non degree credit courses, career and workforce training programs, personal enrichment classes, self taught classes and experimental learning. Continuing education classes typically does not include basic instruction.

 Professionals are often required to participate in continuing education programs as part of the professional licensing for that industry. The requirement is intended to encourage professionals to expand their base of knowledge and expertise in their field and stay on the cutting edge of the newest developments.

HVAC technicians are required to complete continuing education classes in accordance with the requirements of the state in which they are work. Entities such as provide continuing education classes to help technicians review material to prepare for HVAC certification testing.

The classes include a review of HVAC fundamentals, rules and regulations governing the industry, law and health and health and safety and systems and standards. Utilizing an online learning program allows students to work at their own pace and work their study time around employment and other obligations.

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Such programs result in the issuance of a certificate. Once the program of study is complete, the student has the ability to print out a certificate for their file and to document taking the program.

When HVAC technicians take continuing education classes, they are better prepared to build the skill base necessary to take on new challenges. They are introduced to the latest and greatest methods for performing their job and learn better methods and techniques to build, repair, maintain and troubleshoot HVAC systems.

Well educated technicians will provide state of the art services to customers and a higher level of service. Technicians with continuing education under their belt will have a better ability to meet customer needs, and often times will exceed expectations. Web sites such as StateCE provide the necessary materials and instructions to make that happen.

HVAC equipment is improving all the time, and it is important for technicians to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to build, maintain, service and troubleshoot the new systems. Staying current with industry standards is important for a company to maintain credibility and professional standing. Employers will often encourage staff members to take continuing education classes beyond what is required for license maintenance and a website such as will help employers find the right programs for their employees.

There are typically no educational pre-requisites for an HVAC technician to take continuing education classes. However, since such classes are designed to supplement the base of knowledge the technician has by already working in the industry. Continuing education classes are meant to follow a regular time frame rather than just being available when something new and improved hits the industry. The classes are an ideal refresher vehicle for regulations and laws that govern the industry.

Erin Emanuel