Ice Cream Related Interior Design

Have the refreshing feel of summer all year round by using ice-cream themed décor in your home. If you love ice-cream you will adore the intuitive ways we have included in our infographic. It offers some fabulous ideas, show casing ways you can use this summer-time theme in virtually any room or style of home.

Contemporary bright ice lollies in the form of wall will add a whimsical touch to hall ways and living areas, while a dropped ice-cream cone door stop or cone hanging pendant lights will add a touch of light-hearted whimsy to a kitchen or dining area.

Be inspired to adopt this fun theme to bring a touch of seasonal pleasure to your décor. Use colors inspired by ice creams as your palette. From classical whipped soft white and crisp biscuit, to the zingy, citrus flavors of cool sorbets there are color combinations to tickle your senses.

Lie back and dream of warm summer days on an ice-cream cornet style bean bag or let the kids draw to their hearts content on an cornet chalk board wall. There are so many great ways to bring a burst of summer freshness to your home, simply by using delicious ice-cream decor, accessories and soft furnishings.


Erin Emanuel