Blank Canvas: 6 Ideas for your Unused Garage

So you’re thinking about adding some space to your house, and you’re fortunate enough to have a garage, that’s only currently mostly being used to house a bunch of old junk, which with a little work, can become a space that has a ton of potential to meet your specific needs.

First you’re going to want to clear out all of the junk that resides in there now, throw out the unneeded junk, have a garage sale for your unwanted goods, and find a place in your home for the useful things, be it in your basement or attic, or if you can, a storage unit. Give your newly cleared out garage a deep clean, insulate and hang some dry wall (if needed and you’ve got a brand new blank canvas to turn into whatever your heart desires and to get your imagination going here are six solid ideas.



Gym/Yoga Studio

One of the easier things to do with your new space is making it into a new gym. Chances are you already have a concrete floor that you could either get polished or epoxied, or if you don’t want to take the time and money to do that, cover the floor with interlocking gym mats or tiles. Paint the walls whatever color motivates you the most (do this before the flooring) and then spring for the gym equipment and weights that you prefer and challenge you. If you’re in to yoga or Pilates, this is your chance to make your serene dream studio, you could even add heaters for a hot yoga workout, if you’re into that.

Home Office

Another venue would be to visit the home office route. Instead of having the office in your spare bedroom or a place that is heavily trafficked by the inhabitants of your home, go ahead and build it outside in the garage. You could either, like the gym, polish the concrete floor or epoxy it, or for a warmer feel go with faux wood vinyl flooring instead of laminate or hardwood since you may have a little bit of water flowing in from underneath the garage door if you have an old school drop door. You will have electronics inside of this area so make sure that you weather proof it. Also, depending on the type of work you do, you may want to invest in a security system, especially if the garage isn’t connected to the house. Your files are very important and, in some cases, may prove detrimental to your work. You won’t want to have them out in an area away from your view without having them protected.

Guest House

Occasionally your family may come over, and rather than put them up in a room where they could interfere with your day to day business, give them their own space to enjoy and have privacy in. Unless you’re on the same sleep schedule as your guests, you might want to consider giving them a small fridge, a microwave, and a television set. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could opt to have a small bathroom installed, however that can be a little pricy.  Think about adding some windows and/or skylights to add some natural light for your guests as well. Laminate floors would be ideal for the guest room since they’re easier to keep clean and really easy to install yourself. You will want to make sure that you don’t have any leaks, cracks, or weather peeking through when you do this as you want your guests to be comfortable.

Sports/Man Cave

You can easily turn your garage into a sports/man cave with a few sports and beer signs, your sports memorabilia proudly on display and the television you’ve always wanted. There is a wider range of options for seating in your man cave. You can do something simple like a futon, or spice it up with a hand chair. It’s fascinating how chairs have evolved over time, and how you can incorporate any of the styles into your man cave.  If a sports cave is the way you want to go, you’ll want to install laminate flooring once again. Don’t go the carpet route in the event that you get really excited and spill it’d be major pain to clean up. The best part about having a whole area designated for sports away from the house is that you can allow whoever else might not be involved to enjoy another night of peace and quiet.

Arts and Crafts Room

Whether you have kids (or grandkids) or enjoy making things yourself, this would be an ideal space to let your creativity run wild. Install a few cupboards to store all of your arts and crafts supplies in. You could even make this new area an art project in and of itself, painting different murals on the walls. This kind of area could become very messy very fast, so again, cheap and easy to clean and install vinyl flooring would be the optimal choice here as well.

Pet Room

For those of us with pets, we all know that they can sometimes be a hand-full. A Pet room can be a great place to hang a few cabinets and store the extra pet supplies, leashes, crates, and other goodies. If this is the route you want to go, try utilizing some tile to make the cleanup that much easier. You’ll want to keep the shelves hung high enough so man’s best friend can’t reach them. Having a pet room allows your animals to run and play as much as is needed when outside isn’t exactly an option. It also helps when it comes to training and distractions aren’t exactly an option.

Having a garage can be a fantastic thing once it’s been cleaned out. There are a variety of things you can do to one. What are a few other ideas you can think of?

Erin Emanuel