A Few Ideas for Re-purposing an Extra Room

You have always wanted to do something about the extra room you have in your house or flat, but never either due to lack of finance or ideas on what exact purpose to give it. Now, the finances are finally here, but proper ideas still fail to come by. Luckily, you came to the right place. Here are several ideas how to give new purpose to your extra room, all successfully implemented numerous times before. All you need to do is choose the best for you and get to work.


Home cinema

Enjoy hours and hours of fun in your home cinema room. There are few steps you need to take to make the best of it. First one is a screen choice. You can opt for either a desktop screen or a projector screen, mounted or hanging one. The latter one requires more space and a projector, while the desktop screen requires a suitable TV stand and a video source. The most universal one would be a streamer since it enables you to watch all contemporary used video formats and it is easily upgraded. The choice of surround system could prove to be harder. Make sure you check these speaker systems in detail before making a final choice.

Book Nook

Dedicating space to a personal nook is always a smart idea. Turn your extra room into a place where you would go, separate from the rest of the world and allow yourself some quality alone time. This could be an opportunity to finally read all those books you wanted to for a long time and add some magic and slow the manic pace we you have been living in for a long time now.

Home beer brewing room

If you are a fan of beer, you will certainly agree that home brewed ones are at the top of everyone’s favorite list. Get yourself some brewing equipment and create your unique taste. Surprise your friends and family with an original product in the beer market. Apart from enjoying the fruits of your work and astonishing those that know you, this could be a great business opportunity; you never know whose interest you could start with your home brewed beer.

Music room

There is nothing more soothing and rejuvenating than enjoying your favorite music in the solitude of your music room. Apart from choosing the most suitable sound system to your preferences, in order to fully please your ears you need to give your room proper acoustics. Each room requires individual approach, therefore, dedicate some time to this matter before doing anything else about your music room.

Interior garden

Returning to nature is something that is recommended by various experts as very effective when it comes to stress relief. Majority of us would benefit from it, so why not have a garden within your home that you could visit at any time of day and night? Fill the space with plants and flowers of all kinds, make sure they have enough day light, regularly water them and you will soon have a personal oasis at your convenience where you would surely spend all your free time. If the room size allows, consider installing green wall as well, your lungs will surely appreciate the abundance of oxygen rich air they provide and your eyes will be as pleased soothing green palette.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to how different extra room repurposing ideas can be. Once again, whatever your interests are, hopefully you will be able to pick at least one that will suit them.

Erin Emanuel