Ideas To Decorate A Sober Bedroom

A bedroom is not simply a room; it’s a personal space. This fact makes it more important to design a room as comfortable as possible so that you feel relaxed in it. Some people may go for really modern and bright colors, while others feel that a room should be an amalgamation of sobriety and suitableness.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

It’s not a piece of cake decorating a room to perfection. However, a few ideas can help you decide better what you can execute within your budget and what goes well with what you have in mind. Here are a few ideas to decorate a sober bedroom:


Color scheme

If you think ‘sober’, your mind will flash colors like grey, beige, white and fawn. Don’t make the mistake of choosing vibrant colors for your room if you are going for a subtle look. If you want it to show off delicacy, white will be the most elegant option. On the other hand, if comfort is your main agenda, light blue and pale pink will offer the best aura. Similarly, browns can speak of style and beige is nothing but pretty!

colorful bedroom

Wall paper

Painting walls is old school yet can never totally fade out. The new thing in town is wall paper. Not only does it offer a large variety of colors, but you can choose from thousands of patterns and textures. A sober bedroom can become dull, but wallpaper will bring a touch of class immediately.

bedroom wallpaper

Don’t go overboard

The key to a sober bedroom is simplicity. If you go overboard, you will ruin the look. If you have a color theme, make sure its followed and not ruined by unnecessary colors. The walls will look heavenly with a framed picture of the family, but if you fill it up too much, it will make the room look stuffy.


Sober bedrooms need to be spacious. If you stuff too much in a room, it automatically loses its comfort and relaxation. Who in the world can relax when they are worrying about bumping into a glass crystal on the table? Keep the room open, airy and light.

Bedding options

Keep your bedding options simple as well. Don’t you for really fancy headboards or styled bed frames. A traditionally designed storage bed with light sheets and a lot of fluffy cushions will complete your desired look. To top it all off buy pale colored cushions so they don’t stand out in your sober bedroom.


The carpet needs to soft and plushy, so you can walk barefoot in your ‘heaven’. Accessorize the room with pretty ornaments made from porcelain or china. Even go for vases with fresh flowers everyday so that not only it looks fresh but also keeps the aroma lovely! If you’re into art, you can display some artwork on the wall. On the other hand, a family picture would do great as well. Don’t go for complex art or mirror work.

So these were a few ideas, making your choices easier and your outlook broader to decorate a sober bedroom.

Erin Emanuel