Ideas to revamp and reorganise your garage

Be honest, how many of you actually use your garage to park your cars? Indeed, it is estimated over half of garages in the United Kingdom are simply too messy to be able to fit a car in.

Okay, sure, for many parking the car is still the predominant use but for a lot of peoplea garage can become an unholy rabble of discarded junk, old furniture, broken gadgets, and mountains upon mountains of tins of paint that will never see light of day again.

It is easy for your garage to become nothing more than a crowded space with little meaning or organisation. But that need not be the case.

A garage is an extremely useful extra space in addition to our homes. Here are some ideas to revamp and reorganise your garage.

Get smart with your storage

It can become easy for your garage to resemble a jumble sale, with boxes, golf clubs, and spare chairs cluttering up what should be a tidy, organised space.

But there are ways to make things a little less jumbled. Why not think about installing a ceiling storage system? Rack up the boxes filled up with holiday decorations, seldom-used tools, and sports gear, and have them neatly hanging safely above your head.

It is not just the roof that could be utilised more sufficiently. Why not put racks and hooks on the walls to safely host your gardening equipment? Better yet, you could use the whole wall as a storage system for things like hose pipes, golf clubs, stepladders and brooms.

Freeing up space allows you to get your car back in the garage, temporarily store furniture if having work done in the house, and it is always important to have some spare car tyres in your garage, which is why having good storage systems will help you to keep everything in place and organised.

Add your own style and decor

Garages can be dark, damp and gloomy places but they do not have to be. By getting things in order, you could add your personal touch to liven things up.

Maybe you want to add a workbench to get those essential DIY bits done, and wall hangings, posters, and pictures of your favourite sports teams, films or TV shows can really bring colour to your garage work area.

For the gamers among you, your garage could be used as a safehaven with a mounted TV, console, beer fridge, and your favourite comfy chair.

Use the free space for a home office or gym

It was reported in August 2022 that workers in the UK are heading into the office on average 1.5 days per week as people adjust to a new hybrid way of working due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Working at home has its undoubted advantages, but no one wants to get cabin fever or feel stressed by seeing the same four walls every day.

A great idea to avoid such a scenario is to clear the clutter and turn your garage into a home office, fitted with desks, your computer, a printer and – perhaps most importantly – a kettle.

Or, if you have an office inside the house, perhaps you could use the free space created for a home gym. Get on the treadmill and exercise bike or lift the free weights away from your regular space to help stay mentally and physically fresh.

Erin Emanuel