Benefits of Image Sensors for Interactive Security

Image sensors are becoming increasingly important aspect of interactive security systems.  Image sensors are one of the many advances in digital technologies that are in string demand by commercial property managers and business owners. The image sensor combines motion-sensing with image capture, or picture taking capabilities.  These digital capabilities combined with interactive services makes for an easy-to-use technology that monitors activity at your office, manufacturing facility, garage, or other commercial property.

Image Sensors


Wireless Camera

The wireless motion-activated image sensors work both as a wireless camera and a motion detector. If something or someone triggers the sensor depending on how the system is setup an alarm can be activated and the central monitoring station notified or you can be alerted and then take the next course of action if the image depicts something that is not right.

Online Storing

Simultaneously, snapshots of whatever activated the motion detector are taken and stored online as well as being sent directly to the owner via email or text message.  The images can be received and viewed on any computer that has internet access including but not limited to iPhones, iPads, or any type of Android phone or tablet. Image-sensing functions that were previously independent are now fully integrated into many alarm systems, commercial and residential. Image sensors are a breakthrough product in the security industry that enhances the property owner’s ability to be informed immediately on activity taking place on their property or within the building that is being monitored. So, even if the intruder has access to the property or structure – perhaps an employee with a key – if they’re on the property at an unexpected time their presence will be detected and recorded.

Some of the image sensor benefits include enhanced security through:

  • Text and email notifications when there are motion alerts.A digital image showing you exactly who is on your property or in your office can be sent to you regardless of where you are.  If you can access the internet you will be able to view the images.
  • Night vision LED flash to capture images in the dark. You’ll know exactly when deliveries are coming in and who is making the drop offs.  You no longer have to worry about lighting the property as the automatic flash will be activated when needed allowing the image sensor to snap a clear picture every time.
  • On-board cameras for motion-activated image capture. The delivery person who is burglarizing the office during non business hours is now being recorded on camera!  Still shots are great but cameras will allow you to watch every action the suspected criminal takes.
  • Reduction of false alarms by verifying the activity before the authorities are notified.  For example if the motion sensor detects movement and triggers the alarm the central monitoring station would of been notified in the past but now you will have the ability to intercept the dispatching of the authorities if you see that the motion sensor was triggered by a moving piece of machinery or other type of harmless movement.  Once again this is all feasible by opening an email or ams text message.
  • Advanced motion detectors with pet immunity – so the guard dog you adopted can move about the facility without triggering an alarm every time.  Now you can have the best of both worlds, motion sensors and a office pet that is allowed to roam freely when the system is armed, without worrying about triggering a false alarm.

Image sensor technology is now completely wireless and battery operated, that means it is easy to install.  There is no need to tear down walls or cut holes in the ceiling to snake wires throughout the home or office. You can move the sensors around where you need them and know what’s going on when you aren’t there. If you suspect ongoing thievery or the unwanted presence of people on the property at odd times, you can now find out conclusively and handle the situation directly with proof.

Other features of image sensors include the ability to customize what images are captured based on a specific time (like when the office is just opening up) or based on a specific trigger (like when the side door is opened – even with a key). You get an alert on your smartphone or mobile device with the image so you can view whatever you want, whenever you want.

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