Important Things to Consider Before Hiring an International Moving Company

An international move is undoubtedly exciting; you will start your dream job, open a business venture, pursue your degree, or live your retirement time in your favorite country. Whatever the reason, the idea of relocating to another country can strike anyone’s happy chords. But is moving very easy? The answer is no! In fact, it is one of the most challenging endeavors you will ever experience in your life. Besides handling the sorrow of leaving your homeland and the fear of the unseen, you also have to deal with all essential matters associated with moving abroad. One of these matters is packing and moving your belongings. That’s where you need international relocators!

An international moving company is important to hire if you want to make your moving process safe, hassle-free, on time, and without any bruises. International movers know their work as they have been doing it for years. So they know the processes, laws, best shipping options, and all the requirements to make your move less of a nightmare.

But remember, all international relocation companies are not the best. Here are a few things to consider before hiring an international moving company to get the best results:


1.   Good Experience

Make sure your selected company has been in this industry for some years, and they know the ins and outs of this business. Moreover, they should also have experience of relocating belongings to the country you are moving to because every country has different laws and regulations for moving. So, instead of hiring a new company, you should go for an experienced company. Online reviews and testimonials can also help you judge whether the company is really experienced or just pretending to be hard rock.

2.   Insurance of Belongings

Choose movers who offer insurance because the moving company is not responsible for any damage to your belongings during the shipment. No matter how experienced your selected company is, sometimes accidents are unavoidable while shipping. The cargo might face an accident, belongings might get damaged due to drag and drop by the ship’s crew, or your things can get missing. I mean, you can think of any worst scenario that can happen. What will you do then? That’s why you should hire a company that offers international moving insurance.

There are two types of international moving insurances: total loss insurance and all-risk cargo insurance. In total loss insurance, you are entirely covered in case of any loss or damage. You provide a detailed list of insured items, and the company offers a substitute for the given value of your belongings. Whereas all risk cargo insurance covers total loss and damages to some parts, i.e., it also covers one or two missing or damaged boxes that are not covered in total loss insurance. So, take guidance from your relocation specialist to ensure you choose the right insurance and get the right compensation in case of any mishap.

3.   Full Moving Service

The best international moving company offers full service. It means their job doesn’t end after packing, moving, and shipping your stuff. They also handle picking up shipped goods, taking care of them until you arrive, unpacking items, and placing things in their place. You need this kind of service if you want a totally headache-free move. So, make sure you hire the company that offers end-to-end moving service and stays with you every step of the way.

4.   Add-on Facilities

Handing your whole assets to someone is not easy. So, it is always good to hire a company that is ready to offer 24/7 customer service, a real-time tracking system, open floor questioning liberty, and a storage facility. These things might seem very trivial right now, but you understand the importance of these add-on services once you hand over your belongings to them. So, it will be a jackpot if you hire a company that also offers other facilities.

5.   Pricing

It is no brainer that international moving services are expensive because they have to deal with a lot. But it is important to note that the selected company’s service should be worth their quote. Moreover, they should clearly mention what they charge for so they don’t ask for hidden charges in the end. Moreover, having value-added services is an extra perk that gives that company some extra points for the favor.


Relocation overseas can be very difficult for you if you don’t have a good international relocation company in hand. So, always hire the company carefully and don’t consider any point unimportant. Consider the above points, and relocation will become smooth for you.

Erin Emanuel