How Important Is a Home Security Device?

With crime rates in constant fluctuation in the US, many homeowners wonder if a security device, such as an alarm system, is even worth the money and upkeep.

Over the years, there have been a number of security devices made available in the market with an increasing ease of use and setup. These “devices” range from alarm systems to sensors to even the classic, lovable family watchdog. With so many options available, it really comes down to determining whether the community one lives in warrants a safety device. Below are some steps to consider when planning to install a safety device:

a) Make an inventory. Make a list of what you have in terms of valuables that are easily carried out and make sure they are not easy to find. Anything exposed in plain view that can be picked up and moved without much distress, such as tech, jewelry, or any other smaller but expensive item should be moved away from windows or easily-accessible areas.

b) Invasion Statistics. According to a report from the US Justice Department, there are 8,000 reported home invasion on a daily basis. Of these home invasions, 38% end up with assaults and 60% fall victim to rape. Thus, it is important to have a first defense in all home security systems: vigilance. Simply going through the house and seeing that all the doors and windows are locked securely would be the first step in protecting your property from home invaders, which is more common sense than any security or alarm system can provide.

c) Making an Escape Plan. One of the aspects of home invasions is that they fully take advantage of is the unpreparedness of property owners. Thieves tend to strike when least expected. It is thus best to have an escape plan in place if a home invasion does occur. This would keep the most valuable in your home safe and sound, which is your family.

d) Alarms. Having one installed in your home is the second line of defense. There are now alarms specifically suited for when an owner is at home or is away. It may be a bit of an investment on your part, as it can be quite pricey, but a small price to pay for safety. The recent leaps in advancements in alarm systems is quite incredible, and should be researched further to find the right device for your household.

Home Security Device

e) Firearms for protection. This is one key aspect of home protection systems that depends on the area where you live in. Do read up first on the laws regarding home invasion protection, including the necessary force allowed by a homeowner to protect their property as well as criminal statistics in your area. This would help you decide if a weapon is necessary to protect your  family and property in light of the kinds of criminal activities enacted within a given community.

Thus, to answer the question posed at the top of this article, does one really need a security device? A resounding YES is the answer. It’s just a matter of finding the right device for your home, whether it be a simple deadbolt or a home alarm system with all the bells and whistles. Furthermore, deciding on having a weapon at home is also a matter to be decided on in light of circumstances. Finally, it is the preparedness of the homeowner as well as basic security checks that will help repel home invaders as much as possible. Good luck and most importantly, be safe!

Author Bio: Camille McClane is a freelance blogger and infographic designer who enjoys writing on all-things tech, including taking a recent interest in the validity of home security devices after her home was recently broken in to. Camille frequently contributes to the blog of HostPapa, a mecca for tech information and articles.

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