Improve your bedroom decor: 5 step guide!

Nothing is more fun and entertaining than decorating your own bedroom. Your bedroom is the only place where you can meet the real self. The best advantage of decorating your own bedroom is that you can personalize the space according to your taste. Decorating your space is all a matter of time and creativity that can infuse a new spirit to your bedroom. To make your bedroom stand unique and trendy it is recommendable that you have up to date knowledge of modern trends and know how to infuse them with traditional oriental pieces to give your space a traditional look and make it a place where you can feel emotionally comfortable, as the decor surrounds you with some of the best memories of your life. This article will serve as a five step guide to help you enhance and uplift the ambiance of your bedroom.


Selecting a theme for your room allows you to get innovative with your personal likings. Giving your bedroom a theme of your choice would create your emotional attachment with the bedroom. Many of us might prefer to give their bedroom wall a customized theme by coloring the skin of your favorite animal on the wall. There are different ways to create a theme all you need to do is play with a number of different and unique accessories that would add life and charm to the overall theme of your bedroom.

Unclutter your room

The modern interior décor approach is all about maintaining a balanced and minimalist approach. The good thing about the minimalistic approach is that it gives a new look to your bedroom without compromising your space. We often look to our bedrooms after a hectic day at work so it should be organized in a way that gives us a pleasant feeling and we instantly feel light when we enter a properly organized bedroom. Your bed is the key area of décor that requires maximum attention so opt for a best quality foam mattress so that it comes up to the mark of giving you comfort and peace. The best way to keep the décor of your room simple yet charming is to go for two to three statement pieces that can serve as both functional and décor pieces.

Decorate the floor

The next step that can add a wow factor to your bedroom décor is either a wooden flooring or colorful rugs placed in the center of your bedroom that makes your space more vibrant and energetic. Be sure about the colors that represent your personality, and you feel comfortable with the aura they create. Hand woven rugs can also be used as a wall décor to compliment the bedding and décor, and you feel as if you are in your dream bedroom

Decorate with indoor plants

Nothing gives a more refreshing and relaxed feeling than having a colorful natural pot of seasonal indoor plants. It ensures that your bedroom does not fall short of fresh vibe and oxygen. Whenever you enter your bedroom, these flowering plants welcome you with a slight bow that can be only noticed by those who are nature lovers. Keep the doors open for seasonal flowers to be incorporated into your home décor on a daily basis.

Add some scented candles to your side table décor

The placement of scented candles on your side tables is the most effective idea of getting away with high levels of stress. The scented candles, when blown at night, can serve as an aroma therapy for you and the sweet fragrance extracts the worries and tensions for the time being and sets you on a journey of beautiful imagination.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. You can even add some photo frames to your room. I like to have colorful curtains all over my bed. You can even try it in your bedroom. When it comes to decorate your floors you can add a runner rugs on both the sides of your bed to give an elegant look.

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