Improve home and add value with staircase

If you are looking for a home to buy and found two homes – one with ordinary staircases and another with spiral staircases, for which one would you spend more money? In most of the cases the answer is – for the home with spiral staircases. That is how an improved home or home with improved interior design becomes more worthy. Installing spiral staircases in the home are just an example. There are several things that you can do with your home to add value to it. If you are thinking of selling your home, spend a little for your home improvement. You will definitely receive much more than what you spend. Besides, if you are planning to stay in your home for a long period of time than just make the home like the way you want.

Image Credit: Spiral_staircase

Make some changes in the interior and make it lively. There are hundreds of things that can be improved in homes. However, before improving those, think about your goal first. If that is only for you or your family pleasure, then there is nothing to think about. But if you are thinking to sell the house and changing things or interiors to add value to a home, then you must calculate properly, which improvement cost you how much and how much you could gain from that.

Here are few improvable things that can add value to a home significantly-

Kitchen Remodeling – You do not need to invest for a luxurious kitchen. Do it in a way that it goes with the home. Little painting and fresh color, add value to a kitchen sometimes. In addition, you can replace old appliances with energy efficient appliances.

Improvement in Staircases – Whoever enters your home, first things catch his or her eyes are staircases. You can replace your ordinary staircases with different types of spiral staircases. Also give special attention on stair railings. In addition, for attic access you can install attic staircase. Besides, to make more space you can use, space saving staircases too. Staircases can add value to your home radically.

Bathroom Addition – It’s important to add another bathroom if you are having only one bathroom in your home. However, do not expand the house to do so, find some place inside the home. Choices could be in the spare room or under the staircases.

Reinventing a Room – If you invest to expand your house for a new room, you might not get the return on investment. Therefore, look for a spare space inside your home. You can finish the basement or renovate the attic to make an additional room.

Deck Addition – You also can add a deck to your home to add more value. A deck in the home increases the look of the home. Prospective buyers are more likely to spend more for the home.

Update Outlook – Outlook of a home is very important when you want to sell it. A little investment could add a lot to your pocket. Updating outlook includes change rotten woods, keep paint new. You also can change the plumbing too. Prospective buyers notice these little things very carefully.

Erin Emanuel