How to Improve Your Home With Wireless Technology

People may say that wireless technology and home improvement are two things that have nothing in common. This is untrue, because this technology can improve your life in ways you may not even know. From computers to power outlets, thermostats and even coffee espressos, everything can be controlled or used remotely, without cords.

Dlink wireless router

Because wireless technology is now available to anyone, there are no reasons except money for which not to use it. Get smart – Get wireless! You will surely become aware about how this technology can be related to home improvement. There are two main reasons to do this: aesthetic and practical. Even if wireless may be the new trend, some things still work better on cables and they should not be avoided unless you are satisfied how the respective devices work without wires. Instead of thinking about the drawbacks and the benefits of using the technology, you couldĀ consider how it can be used to improve your life.

A Router and a Network Bridge

A good example of WI-Fi usage in your home can be getting an Internet router, as it will serve multiple computers and mobile devices simultaneously. You can have access to the web on your desktops, laptops, notebooks, Smartphones and tablets. But, there are other devices for which you can use the technology and cut the cords. Wireless printing, storage and scanning can be useful.

A router is something that most people already have today. If you have multiple devices that support wireless, such as gaming consoles, computers and laptops, you could create a wireless network bridge. This works by getting your router connection and sharing it with all the devices in your home.Modern routers use this capability by default. You can improve the signal by using a repeater, which is able to repeat the signal for home that is full of interferences from other electronic devices.

Home Cinema, Storage and Photography

Another example of using the technology for home improvement can be in your home cinema. Cutting the wires can be great for getting more comfortable in your living room and a better appearance. This could mean using cordless HDMI for video and a wireless audio adapter for the sound.

For storage, you can share a hard drive over a wireless network. You can also share the printer. If you have to print a document from your bedroom using a notebook and your printer is in your living room, it won’t be a problem. Photography can be easier now too. If you made a few pictures using your DSLR camera and want to transfer them to one of your computers without issues, you can do it “by air”.

One of the nice usages of cordless technology for home improvement is through the so called Wireless Home Digital interface. It can be used to send uncompressed video signals from computers, mobile phones, Blu-Ray players and others. There are a lot of companies that support this. There are also specific devices that you can buy for your home, such as wireless switches for your power outlets so you can turn them on an off from your Smartphone or tablet.

Remote Thermostats and Espressos

Thermostats can also be equipped with wireless technology, so you can change it whenever you need to use your phone. A cool gadget can be, for instance, a coffee maker that can allow you to order a coffee from your tablet, without getting out of bed. You can make a stronger coffee or a less strong one, of different sizes.


No matter in which way you choose to use wireless technology in your home, the conclusion is that it makes your life easier once you do it. Everything started with the desire to eliminate cords and now the technology is used for more than that. Controlling devices from a distance is one of these uses. Your home can be a better place if you consider using the latest inventions in the tech field.

Erin Emanuel