Improving Your Home Exteriors

Your home exteriors play a significant role in others’ perception of your personality and living style. Moreover, an amazing view from your window is always appreciated. Transforming or enriching your home exteriors does not necessarily involve spending a great deal of money. With some quick tricks and diligent maintenance, you can make your home the most striking one in the neighborhood.

Weeds in roof gutter.

Image Credit: Weeds in Gutter

Vibrant home garden 

A beautiful garden creates a panorama of color and fragrance around your home. You will feel a positive change in the overall appearance of your house from the outside with a well maintained and a neat garden. Here are some simple tips for remarkable landscaping.

  • Pay special attention to regular watering during summers.
  • Ensure that you use only good quality manure for good growth and development of the trees and plants.
  • To make your lawn more lively, turn to more of the eco-friendly and colorful flower beds.
  • Try to keep it clear of the dry leaves, twigs and debris.
  •  Trim well the shrubs and outreaching branches of trees so that your lawn looks neat.
  •  Place some stylish garden tables and chairs to give it a classy look.


  • A paved driveway surely looks good but if you are with a limited budget then you can opt for pea gravel.
  •  Regularly sweep off the leaves and debris.
  • You can use a weed control spray to counter the problem of growth of weeds in the crack lines of your driveway.
  •  Get rid of the intractable stains on the driveway with the help of a power washer.


There are various options available in the market ranging from concrete fence to the barbed wire fence. Choose an appropriate type of fence that will go with your outdoor decor.


  •   A fresh coat of paint on your exterior walls on regular basis lends your house the look of a new one.
  •     Ensure that only good quality paints are used so that they are able to withstand warmth and heavy rains for a long period of time.
  •    Pick fresh and classy shades while avoiding extremely bright colors. Make sure that the color matches with the one used inside the home.

Entrance/Front door 

See to it that your front door is not in a shabby condition. You can even place some flower pots around it along with some rocks, stones and bricks add some visual interest and give an enriched look to your entrance.

Installing gutter guards

While installation of gutter protection system does not directly contributes to enhancing the appeal of your house from outside, it cannot be ignored for effective maintenance of your home exterior restored. Gutter protection plays a great role in ensuring the health and safety of your house other than providing protection against landscape erosion and the very foundations of your house from damage.

Gutter guards allow for the proper drainage of the rain water. If the paint on your exterior walls starts peeling off then understand that it is either due to weather effect or there is some problem with your home gutter system.

Erin Emanuel