Five Ways to Give Your Home More Stunning Curb Appeal

Homes with outstanding curb appeal command higher selling prices and take less time to sell. The front view of your home reveals a lot about your personal style. While organization and cleanliness are commendable, adding a unique touch of style to the outside of your home is what will ultimately set your property apart from the rest of your neighborhood. Read on to learn about five practical, yet eye-catching ways to add curb appeal to your home.

Curb Appeal Home


Outdoor Lighting

From festive porch ceiling illuminations to decorative patio umbrella clip lights, there is an endless selection of outdoor lighting styles to choose from. One way to really make your home stand out is to include lighting that illuminates your trees and walkway, says professionals who specialize in landscape lighting in Fort Lauderdale. Security ranks high for the average home buyer, and outdoor lighting is one of the top ways to provide extra-added protection from home invasions. Contrary to popular belief, most outdoor lights are not complicated to install. However, for safety reasons, complicated electrical components are best dealt with by a skilled electrician. Some other popular outdoor lighting styles include vintage string lights, vintage canning jar chandelier’s, onion style lights and bronze grid wall lights.

Spruce up Your Walkway

A well-structured walkway is comforting and inviting to all. You can transform an ordinary, flat concrete walkway into a rustic, contoured path by installing red bricks or beautiful landscaping stones. For a less dramatic upgrade, apply a colorful concrete surfacing agent, then edge off the borders with large wood chips or decorative rocks.

Add Fencing

Whether stained or painted, a beautifully crafted wooden fence can provide a safe, year-round enclosure for outdoor pets and extra-added protection from intruders. Perhaps you already have a fence that is rotting or noticeably out of alignment. In this case, a fence overhaul is long overdue. Fencing contractors are dedicated to building custom-made fences from scratch using a multitude of different designs and colors. In addition, these services usually come with a two-year installation warranty.


Whether you choose to showcase a lush, green lawn or an floral garden worthy of national attention, the personal upkeep of your front yard speaks volumes to potential home buyers. If you have the time and energy for landscaping and gardening, that’s great. If not, seek out a professional maintenance worker or crew that can service your yard on a weekly basis to keep the outside looking clean and beautified for all potential buyers.

Roof Repairs and Cleaning

Your home’s roof is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, making it a trap for dirt, moss and persistent algae growth. Heavy winds, rain and snowfall can damage the strongest of roofing materials, leaving behind rows of curled and broken shingles. Whether your roof is aged by the elements or damaged as the result of adverse weather conditions, professional roof cleaning and repairs should be done annually to beautify your home.

With just a little planning and creativity, you can take your home from ordinary to breathtaking. Be sure to inspect your outdoor paint and trim for chips and other imperfections and make all necessary repairs, as needed. Avoid overdecorating and gardening as you don’t want to draw too much attention away from your home.

Erin Emanuel