How to Increase the Value of your Home?

It is always good to know that the property you own has a good re-sale value. However, a majority of people, it has been observed, are particularly bad at increasing their home’s value. Keeping such considerations in mind, we have prepared a list of suggestions.Picture1

In the first place, fix up a meeting with an interior designer or a realtor. In other words, invite the latter to your place, so he can check it out. A majority of realtors make such visits purely our out of courtesy. Some, however, demand a consultation fee. In deciding a realtor, make sure that you have spoken to at least a dozen of them. Seek suggestions from family members of friends. If all efforts fail, then look for realtors online. With one such visit, you will have a pretty general idea about what needs to be done to the house and what not.

Not all home improvements, one should remember, are cosmetic. Termite infestation, deteriorating roofs, faulty granite worktops or old fashioned electrical wires- how on earth can you even think of fixing them if you don’t know it is broken in the first place? Hence, it would be advisable to appoint inspectors or such other professionals who can check out those areas of the home that you generally ignore or do not see. The professionals might just come across hidden problems that could, otherwise, impact the value of the home negatively.


When it comes to increasing your home or property’s value, there is hardly an option more effective than paint. Yes, getting the house painted is one of the best and cheapest ways of increasing its value in the market. While choosing paint shades, be sure to stick to neutrals as they appeal to a vast number of people. On an average, a gallon of paint is not likely to cost you much. Therefore, you can always have ample money for stuff like painter’s tape or rollers.

If you are too cash strapped to hire a designer, then go for magazines. There is, in fact, hardly any dearth of lifestyle magazines dabbling in home remodeling. Subscribe to one of these and have access to world class home décor tips without spending a fortune. We still believe that for remodeling, tighter budgets or DIY projects generate maximum results.


The sum of money spend on energy costs every month might seem like a fixed and permanent amount, yet there are countless utility companies providing free energy audits for the consumer’s homes. The professionals can actually show how to make most out of energy efficiency.

If you have no plans of selling the house today, then  our advice would be,be to plan as much as you can for the future. Make landscape improvement plans that will invariably mature over time. Decide to plant big trees. This has dual benefits. In the first place, a green property with lots of trees will only make the house appear desirable. Secondly, the trees can also help cut your cooling costs by almost forty percent. It has to be remembered that mature landscaping is very good for the environment.

There is no denying the fact that colorful plants and shrubs will only add to the appeal of your home. Hence, make sure that you plant plenty of these in your garden. Buy plants that are very much native to the place you are staying in.

One of the best ways in which you can make your home look more desirable and attractive is by installing a filtration system in the kitchen. Apart from purifying water, these also help lower grocery bills. You will no longer feel the need to have bottled water. While the filtration system might come across a cheap option, it’s a luxury nonetheless.


Erin Emanuel