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Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind. Therefore, you should design your home to be as comfortable as possible, with plenty of options for revitalizing your senses. What better way to do that than by bringing a tranquil pool indoors? Or perhaps bringing your home out to the water’s edge? It can be be done. In fact, many homeowners have already used renovations to make their homes into aquatic retreats. In this edition of Extreme Renovations, we’re taking a look at some of the most masterful indoor pool renovations out there.


This bedroom looks more like Neptune’s palace than a typical sleeping area, thanks to the luminous pool that teems just feet away from the bed’s end. The presence of the pool and the aquatic hues used for the decor make it both lavish and serene. Lighting inside the pool itself adds to the ethereal glow of the entire area. The entire outer wall is made up by an accordion set of glass panels, which can easily be closed, yet still offer an unobstructed view of the outdoor pool. Because the porch on the left outside uses the same type of wood in the indoor ceiling, door, and furniture, the two spaces are made to feel as one.

indoor pool

Having a water slide by your pool is always tons of fun, but what about having one that comes straight from your bedroom? The modern home above adds some excitement to its design by connecting the bedroom to the pool via a sleek chrome tube slide. Contemporary chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and a sculpture-like water fountain sprouts from the pool’s edge, all to give the area a unique sense of sophistication. Just a few feet away, a circular hot tub is nestled in its own semi-enclosed area. The reflective surface of the underside of the bedroom overhang gives a mirrored view of the rippling waters. Panoramic windows in the bedroom allow for a full view of the pool below, creating a calming scene to enjoy whenever the homeowner awakens or gets ready for bed.


The peace of the outdoors is brought bedside by this room’s seamless design. Water rests outside an open section of wall, which reveals that the pool connects to an open-walled living room as well. This is not only convenient for frequent swimmers, but a clever way of adding light, space, and a touch of nature to the home. Sheer white curtains and pull-down panels give the rooms’ occupants opportunities for privacy. The use of hardwood floors and exotic touches indoors, plus turquoise tiles in the pool gives the entire abode the ambience of a soothing eastern spa.

Want to build a soothing aquatic retreat in your own home? It doesn’t take much to get started. Just contact us today and our contractors will help you devise a professional plan for building an indoor pool area. Whether you want to expand your home out to your pool’s edge, or wish to build a new pool in existing quarters, we have the expertise to get it done. Once it’s built, just contact our savvy interior design team can assist you in styling your new pool area to be as luxurious as possible.

Written By: Brad Nichols

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  1. very interesting designs. I love how pools can be used as a way of lighting up a space. You don’t need to stick to traditional blue or green tiles either.

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