Ready to Trash the Kitchen Counter? 5 Inexpensive Options that Don’t Look “Cheap”

Your kitchen counter speaks volumes about your home’s style. After all, the kitchen is among the most visible and used rooms in the home, and the counters are among the most noticeable features in a kitchen. If you have decided that now is the right time to make an upgrade, you may be struggling with your desire to have a stylish, beautiful counter top and with the available balance in your bank account. While high-end materials like Corian and granite may be outside of your price range, you can enjoy the high-end look of an upgrade without the high cost, by selecting a more creative material.

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Granite Overlay

If you love the look of granite but don’t want to pay the high price for a granite slab, one alternative is to use a granite overlay. With this option, your existing counter tops will remain in place, and a thinner sheet of granite will be installed over the top of your counters. You typically can choose from a wide range of materials to enjoy beautiful results.

Granite Tiles

Another idea for the beautiful granite look is to use granite tiles rather than a granite slab or overlay. You can select the granite tiles that you want in your space through your local home improvement or flooring and tile store. Then, you simply pay to have the tiles installed. According to the professionals of the SEN Design Group, tile installation may cost you several hundred dollars depending on the size of your kitchen, but this is significantly more affordable than the cost of a full granite slab counter top.

Ceramic Tiles

If you want to get away from the granite look altogether, you can install a ceramic tile counter top. There is a nearly endless range of ceramic tile colors, sizes and finishes for you to choose from. You can choose all one color, or you can create a mosaic or another interesting pattern. This is a great way to add personality and individuality your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Butcher Block

If you are looking for an affordable, functional material that has a natural look to it, a butcher block counter top may be perfect for you. You simply have to keep this material sealed, and you can enjoy beautiful results for years to come. Some homeowners will install butcher block only over the island, but others have installed it across their entire counter area to get greater use out of the material.


The look of laminate has come a long way in recent years. While you may be trying to eliminate laminate from your kitchen with your upgrade, you may actually fall in love with some of the newest styles available. In fact, some laminate styles look like wood, marble, granite and other materials, and they can be installed for a fraction of the price.

As you can see, there are numerous gorgeous options available to consider when you are remodeling your kitchen on a budget. If you are sick of looking at your scratched, dull, or outdated countertop, wait no longer. Finding an affordable, attractive look is easier than ever—you just need the right materials to take your countertops from sad to sensational.

Erin Emanuel