[Infographic] Everything You Need to Know About House Spiders

75% of people are either mildly or severely afraid of spiders. This means that in your average household it’s more than likely that someone is afraid of spiders. First of all, clearing up some of the myths about house spiders might help to reduce your fear. For example, many people think that spiders can lay eggs under your skin, but this is simply not true.

Having said all of that, it still important that we try to keep them out of our homes and this info-graphic from Any Pest outlines how to do just that. One important point is that it’s important to keep ¬†clutter from building up in your home as spiders like to lurk in the shadows of a messy area. Other simple things like clearing out webs inside and near outside entrance ways will reduce the amount of spiders that invade your home. Spiders hate having their home disturbed and if you keep destroying it they will eventually get the message. You can find out more below!


Erin Emanuel