Innovative Ways to Improve Your Home

In today’s world, it’s all about technology — there are smart phones and smart cars and smart appliances — and the way to be smart is to embrace the technology to keep your home, yourself and your family secure, and to maintain your household in a technology-driven world. Today, more than ever before, a healthy personal lifestyle encompasses the idea of using the newest and best advancements in order to provide an enjoyable lifestyle for you and your family.

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The kitchen is a prime target for new appliances. Think what microwaves started decades ago. Now there is light technology and multi-use, computer-controlled cooking units. In the same way, labor-saving devices can assist with home maintenance by monitoring mechanical systems, allow yard irrigation to be installed on timers or with sensors; turn lights and heating/cooling systems on and off automatically or adjust temperature settings based on individual schedules. Shower valves today routinely have automatic temperature sensors; irons and portable fans and heaters are equipped with timers and shutoffs in case of overload or tipping; keyless entry locks can eliminate “lock-outs” and deter break-ins. Modern homes are truly becoming dream homes, designed for ease of operation and enjoyable living.

With energy-saving devices making life easier and more enjoyable, and the associated costs of those innovations decreasing almost daily, you would truly be doing a disservice to your family to delay installing some up-to-date modern conveniences and protective systems.

The best part about most of today’s technology is that it’s unobtrusive, quick to install, easy to operate and monitor, and wireless. From combination door locks that are much more tamper-proof than old-style keyhole devices to home monitoring equipment that you control remotely via your phone, from programmable thermostats to whole-house electrical systems that will automatically adjust indoor and outdoor lighting with the touch of a finger, it all adds up to a home environment that can look and operate exactly the way you envision.

Today’s innovations contribute to a heightened sense of security from danger as well as allow homeowners to concentrate on other aspects of life. There are numerous companies today that will perform an in-home audit with you, suggesting ways to improve your “security quotient,” your home’s energy efficiency, and your home’s “easy living” potential. These days, you can protect your home from intruders, or keep an eye on your teenagers, depending on how you utilize your security system with such devices as security screens and advanced electronic lock systems. It is possible to go on vacation, and still monitor the water level in your pool, or be certain that the inside temperature will be to your liking when you return.

New choices abound. Walking through the aisles of a hardware or home improvement store can be enlightening. For a reasonable dollar expenditure, today’s homeowners can easily install numerous devices, gaining immediate peace of mind over those important aspects of family life.

Erin Emanuel