Inspiring Interior and Exterior Design Ideas to Beautify Your Home

We all aspire to be homeowners at some point in life. This is one of the crucial milestones, regardless of the timing. Buying a home is one thing, but to be in control of the design altogether is anther thing. It is greatly more rewarding to personalise your home either from the construction or through the interior and exterior design processes.

If you are remodeling an existing home, there is still much you can do without interfering with the structural elements. You can make your home feel completely anew with a few inspired interior and exterior design choices. Setting a budget is highly recommended as the cost of materials and labor can quickly escalate. As you prepare for what is surely to be an exciting transition moment, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Interior design is complicated because there are a lot of moving parts. But it not a rocket-science. It requires a special eye, an attention for detail, and a very active imagination to bring an amazing transformation in your home interior.. Interior design pays homage to some key elements, upon which your styling choices should be based on.



Upon space is the design built upon, and this includes both the floor space and the height. Needless to say, options abound when space is in plenty and there is little limitation on how you can approach the design. It does however require some skill to decorate each space so that it feels both unique, and united to the rest of the house.

Colors and Textures

interior and exterior design

Color holds a lot of significance as it is the medium through which visual stimuli is appreciated. Too much or too little of it yields improper stimulation. Color in this case encompasses everything- from the paint scheme used to furniture, fixtures, rugs, carpets, art, drapes as well as appliances.

Colors do not contribute to the aesthetics alone but to the moods as well. Red is intense and blue is tranquil. Texture is closely related to color as it also evokes certain sentiments. That surface quality emanated by objects, contours, fabrics and materials carries some emotional weight, and must be considered.

Patterns and Lines

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Lines grant form and shape, and are used to create contrast and harmony as well as unity. They are created by the architecture and furnishings of a room. Moreover, they help form the different shapes and are heavily referenced in contemporary design. Patterns are simply design elements that are repeated to achieve a visual result. They are used in fabric, wallpapers and are the background to certain décor styles, such as Indian and African.


Lighting is the last important element of interior design, and it transforms the décor as significantly as it does a picture. And in keeping with this comparison, the interior design requires sufficient artificial illumination at dusk and as much natural light as possible during the day. The lighting should ideally be adjustable (for brightness or intensity) and of the right color.

There is not a single interior décor style that can be recommended. It is because there’s a huge disparity between personalities and how subjectivity of different styles. There is, however, common ground in the midst of all the variance to please all sides.

Pendant Lighting

interior and exterior design

Of all the lighting options that can be recommended, pendant lighting is perhaps the easiest and most dramatic. There is a plethora of pendant light designs and their suitability in the outdoors, the kitchen, and dining areas should have you invested. They easily transform and define an area, and are a must have if you have high ceilings.

Open Planning

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An open plan might seem preconceived to make small spaces feel larger, but it is a style that works. It suits all spaces, and is responsible for that enchanting visual transition from living to dining and cooking spaces. Though it works best for houses with extensive floor spaces, it is something to keep in mind if you want some harmony in your design.

Think Green

interior and exterior design

Plants have a home either on the outside or the inside. They have a more dramatic effect on the inside as they add warmth and a nature aesthetic that is hard to not want. Real plants are the most ideal for interior and exterior design because they add function to all that fun by cleaning your air.

Incorporate Art

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Art is not a reserve for collectors and should be an integral part of your home. It is available at all price points and adding it to your living and sleeping spaces will add personality. The art should conform to the overall décor of the room, as well as the colors.

Use Wood

interior and exterior design

Wood adds instantaneous appeal to any place it is featured. It could be in your hardwood floors, your exposed beams or your furniture. The warmth of wood is very dramatic, and transforms every neutral space to a more welcoming one. For your bathrooms where wood cannot be used as much marble is the ideal alternative. Marble bathrooms hold their worth, and are more luxurious than all the competition.


Simple color changes have dramatic effects on the interiors as they cover so much of it. It is the simplest power to wield given its transformative power. And it should be applied wherever it is possible for the maximum effect. So whether it’s installing new wallpaper, changing your curtains and rugs, or applying new coats of paint, new color will undoubtedly impress.


The first thing you notice when you walk into a compound is the house. It is the centerpiece regardless of the lushness of its surroundings.  The way it appears at first sight sets expectation of what is to be expected on the inside. While looks are said to be deceiving, the same is rarely true for real estate. A good looking house on the exterior almost always means a similarly exciting interior. Paying attention to interior and exterior design ensures continuity and a common design language, which is what homeowners want the most.

Perhaps the exterior isn’t talked as much because it is considered a fixed unit. Any adjustments to the actual building involve high costs and heavy equipment. So, little work goes into actually adjusting the outlook of the house. That said, it is still possible to make a dull house brighter with a few tips.

New façade

interior and exterior design

The easiest way to uplift your façade is with paintwork. If the house is paintable, you can plan for a pressure cleaning work on the exteriors and the roof. This can make the house look anew. This type of deep cleaning requires professionals, and will take one or a few days to complete. You need to clean any mildew growths on your driveway or patio. It will restore that allure of newness. On a similar note, the landscaping should be done. The aesthetic of finely cut grass and trimmed hedges is hard to overlook when you want dramatic results from your interior and exterior design job.

Brick House

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There is another way to re-imagine your home and it is to install thin brick siding. This will not only give an overall cosmetic transformation, but will also add value to your home. In addition, it improves the temperature control properties of your home. Brick comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, so you can explore the different design options.

Plan for a pool

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A pool is a large commitment but is fun to have around, if you have the space and budget for it. It is fun and functional as swimming is a relaxing exercise. You can add a few plants for more greenery, and define the different areas using different flooring materials. A concrete area can be used for relaxation or for outdoor grilling. You must make sure it will be distinct from the lawn area or the pool deck.

Pool Alternative – Water Feature

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Should a pool be impractical or too expensive, adding a water feature will have the same dramatic effect. It can be something as quaint as this, with three waterfalls against a brick backdrop with a few potted plants, or can be a whole oasis with actual coastal rocks. This can also include a self-sustaining pond with life for an authentic outdoor experience.

Other exterior design ideas include:

  • creating an outdoor fireplace
  • installing a stone path
  • planting climbing vines or ivy
  • building a kitchen
  • herb or cottage garden
  • building a treehouse and so on

The options are endless depending on how much space you have. The important thing is to consider your landscaping, and let all other design features follow that. Gravel walkways and ornamental grasses help elevate cold feeling spaces. Variation of leaf shapes and colors offers a diversity that is very easy to appreciate.

interior and exterior design

Redefine Backyard

Your backyard space should feel like a natural space when all is said and done. This means furniture should be minimalist and unimposing, while the lighting should be subdued. String lights work very well.

interior and exterior design

The tenets of interior and exterior design might be written by experts, but they are far too subjective. Your styling options, while ultimately guided by some tried and tested principles, should reflect your individual tastes. Regardless of your space and your budget, you can do something to invigorate that space that is truly yours by following the style that you are truly fond of.

Erin Emanuel