How to install burglar alarms without a mechanic

The biggest fear most people have is that their house will fall prey to burglars. The fact that most burglaries happen during the day when people are away at work only increases the fear. The only protection from burglaries is installing burglar alarms.

However, this poses a different problem. Every homeowner works for a living and hence operates on a budget. So when it comes to installing an alarm, they have to consider the cost of the alarm and also the amount to be paid to the mechanic to install the system.

burglar alarms

So what is the alternative? The option of not installing burglar alarms cannot be considered. So the only alternative left is to install the system yourself. Today, we will show you how to do it correctly and secure your house in the process.

The first step is choosing a system, which is easy to install. There are two types of alarm systems. The wired alarm systems and the wireless ones. Both these types have pros and cons. However, the wired alarm systems have proven to be relatively more reliable.

The next step is to understand the components of the wired alarm systems. They are as follows:

  • The alarm bell
  • The control panel
  • Two sets of wires usually made from silver and copper
  • A sensor to detect fire
  • A chord to connect one door to the fire senor
  • Two to three sets of a switch and a magnet

(This is the basic philosophy of these alarm systems. The names of the wires and the components may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer).

Next, decide the position of the alarm bell and the control panel. Both must be placed next to each other to make the system more effective. The ideal position should be to place them above the door out of reach of anybody so that they cannot be disabled. You will need to drill a hole to fix the panel and the alarm bell to the wall.

Next, you will have to connect the control panel to the doors and the windows. Before your do this, fix your switch and magnet sets to the doors and the windows using nails.

In the next step, take the fire sensor, place it next to your window, and fix it firmly to the wall.

Now comes the most crucial part – connecting all the wires and completing the circuit.

  • First, using a chord, connect the fire sensor to the door which is the nearest the window. You will have to use foil tape to make the connection.
  • Next, take a wire from this door and connect it to the magnet and switch combination. Another wire from the magnet and switch combination will connect to the control panel.
  • Similarly, one set of wires will connect the magnet and switch set on the window to the fire sensor and the second set will connect it to the control panel.
  • Connect all the other doors and windows similarly to the control panel.

The easiest tip to install burglar alarms is to match the color of the wires and expose the tips with a blade or a knife. is quite a help for any security solutions by Danish professionals.

As you can see, with a bit of an effort, following the guidelines and a few handy tips, you can install your alarm at home yourself and effectively protect it from intrusions.

Erin Emanuel