How to Install a Deadlock

Do you want to know how to install a deadlock at home? Do you have no idea where to start?

install-deadlockIf you are an experienced home handy person this job may come naturally to you. But don’t worry – this task is actually simpler than it sounds and can be performed by any person with the right tools, a steady hand and some simple instructions to follow.

Follow these steps and you will be able to perform this task.

In terms of tools and equipment, you’ll need to purchase a deadlock set (or more than one depending on the job). You will also need a drill with a 25 mm spade bit, a 54 mm hole saw, a chisel, a ruler, pencil and a screwdriver.

Okay let’s get started!

Use pencil and ruler to measure a straight vertical line up about 200 mm above the door handle. Then draw a straight horizontal line across the door, around the edge and around the other side of the door.

Use the diagram included in the lockset to mark pencil dots which will be the central points for drilling. Simply line the diagram up on the door in the place where the lockset will be placed. You will see small holes in the diagram so you can mark the door easily.

Use the hole saw and carefully drill a 54 mm hole – from both side of the door. Don’t try and drill all the way through from one side. In some cases this can cause the wood of the door to split so it’s not worth the risk.

Use the drill and spade bit to drill the hole in the side of the door. Be nice and firm as you drill so the hole is well positioned.

Use your pencil to mark where the face plate will sit. Put the face plate in place and then draw the outline on the door itself so you can see where it will go and where the rectangular shape is that you need to chisel out so the face plate will sit snugly in the door.

Use your chisel to chisel out the wood so the face plate fits perfectly in the gap you make. Remember the face plate must sit flush in the door. This step is a bit fiddly so take it slowly, checking regularly as you go so you don’t make the gap too deep. Start from the outer edges of the rectangle and work your way in.

Use your pencil with the face plate in place, to mark where to drill the screws. Then secure the face plate by screwing it into the door.

Now you fit the lock body to both sides of the door, keeping the side with the screws on the inside of the door.

Use your ruler and pencil again to mark the position of the strike plate on the door jamb. Use the centre line of the installed lock body to find the exact vertical position where the strike plate should be fixed. To get the correct horizontal position take a measurement from the back of the door to the external face of the bolt and mark with your pencil.

Put the strike plate in place and mark up where it will go with your pencil.

Use your chisel again to dig out the shape of the strike plate, as with the face plate. Again, take this bit by bit so you get the exact right shape and the exact right depth.

Test the strike plate to ensure it fits and then again mark the screw points and internal rectangle for where the bolt will sit.

Use the spade bit to drill the hole for the bolt. Also make sure you mark the screw points with the tip of your spade bit. This helps ensure the screws will be perfectly aligned when you affix the strike plate. Then drill the hole for the bolt using the 25 mm spade bit. Finally, finish off the rectangle using your chisel.

Secure the strike plate to the door jamb by screwing the screws in manually so it sits flush. We advise that you screw the top screws in first, but lightly, not all the way, and then similarly screw the bottom ones in lightly. Then tighten the top ones a bit more, then the bottom ones etc. This slow approach makes sure the strike plate is well secured.

Test the lock to make sure all the parts fit and also – crucially – that the key turns in the lock.

Make necessary adjustments and then you’re done. If things are still not quite right it might be time to call a locksmith after all but we think with these instructions you will be able to complete this job just fine.

Congratulate yourself on learning a new skill!

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  1. Installing a deadbolt lock is one of those things that’s easy enough that an average person can do it, but tricky enough that afterward you feel like the best handyman ever. Or in other words, it’s one of my favorite types of things to have to do 🙂

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