5 Reasons Installing a Carport Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

Every morning, my car looks like a retired caboose standing in the backyard. I don’t have a home carport so the car stays on the street throughout the year, braving through harsh winter climate and harmful sun rays. At times, it is also covered with bird droppings. As a result, every day, different car surprises are parked for me on the street.

I never paid heed to these things as my car kept running miles without a hiccup. But, after experiencing rising mercury and subzero conditions for few years, my car now demands regular maintenance. Batteries, engines, tires, interiors and fluids all eat up my monthly budget.

Installing a Carport

Earlier, there was a big hole in my pocket, I installed a carport at my place for my car. Trust me mates, this is best thing I have done to restore the flamboyance of my car. No matter what weather I am dealing with, my car stays comfortable in carport. Let me take you through some benefits that I experienced after fixing up a budget carport.


Benefit 1: Protection from bad weather

Normally, car accessories and batteries are designed to stay sturdy in a ruthless weather. However, consistent exposure to sun rays, hard rainfall and snowfall can have a negative impact on them.

  • High temperatures can destroy batteries
  • Heat can stress tires and fluids
  • Paint fades due to Sun rays
  • Spark plug reliability weakens during winter
  • Washer and water solvent fails
  • Regular ice cover may kill batteries

To overcome direct exposure to the aforesaid dangers, setting up a carport sincerely helps. Rather than standing on the street, your car will rest in a safe carport without you having to worry about its condition.

Benefit 2: Carport adds value to your home 

A carport has many other practical applications. It acts as an extension of your house. You can relax during warm weather, set up barbeques, host parties, get along with friends for those fun moments, and you can also convert it into a beautiful dining place.

These are some of the great reasons to invest in a carport. However, the best part is when you plan to move to a new house, carport adds that extra value to your home. You can also easily unscrew it for carrying to your new place.

Benefit 3: Easy carport installation

Garage is an additional room mainly planned at the front of the house. It is similar to a room – it’s just that the doors are replaced by a shutter. As a result, it takes a decent amount of investment to construct a garage. But, when it comes to a carport, it is more like a DIY idea.

Being new to the carport idea, I had a misconception of it being an inconvenient experience. I thought that carport installation would take me a few days, and the design may not complement the structure of my house. But, much to my delight, I got a design that easily synched with the home exterior.

Benefit 4: Affordable

You may wonder, with multiple uses, carports may be expensive, but that is not the case. Guttering, posts and roofing materials are very inexpensive. Cost varies from the material and size of carport you choose. Most often carports are carved out of metal or wood. There are concrete ones also, but they are not cost effective and mobile.

You can talk with installation professionals and get the job done without digging deep in your pockets. If you are a DIY guy, you can save few installation dollars.

Benefit 5: Availability

Finding a perfect roof top for your car is easy. There are different vendors providing carports made from steel, tin, aluminum, wood and polyethylene. One of the popular vendor I remember is Steel Post Rail.

This vendor has an attractive range of carports. They also offer customized carports based on the available space.

Cutting the long story short

I would say, a home carport can be an integral part of our daily routine. It can save cars from threatening weather conditions and serve as a sophisticated place for multiple needs. But, before you invest in carports, ensure that you are adding a functional space to your home rather than an annoying obstruction. Analyze the available space, consult Steel Post Rail professionals and accordingly allocate the budget. Following this process will get you the ideal carport that fits your car and works as an extension of your living room.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Erin, you made a great point about protection against bad weather. I have a ’69 Corvette that I’m restoring. The project isn’t far enough along to warrant getting a carport, but I think I’ll need one eventually. I would be really disappointed if the paint started fading. Thanks for the great information.

  2. Carports are so handy to have when there is not enough room to build a garage. I like how they can protect your car just as much as garages, by keeping it out of the sun and bad weather. It seems that they get the job done, but also is very simple to have.

  3. I think the best reason to get a carport is to protect your car from the weather. I have one because I hate scraping ice and snow off of my car in the winter. However, I do have a friend who got one because he converted his garage into a man-cave. In any case, carports are easy to install and well worth the cost of getting them.

  4. I am looking into adding a carport to my house for my husbands and my car. I like how you mentioned the benefits of adding a carport. I especially like how it can protect the car from bad weather. We spent a lot of money on our car so to be able to preserve it as much as we can is worth it. Thanks for the information!

  5. Great read! Adding a carport was legitimately one of the easiest yet most helpful additions I could have made. Check out Temporary Garages if you want the highest quality. There are a lot of options, just make sure you choose one with high tension and good quality coverings.


  6. I agree that one of the benefits of a carport is that it is affordable. It would seem that it would be nice to install one because they are less permanent than a garage and therefore cheaper. I’m looking for a way to keep my car safe from the weather to maybe a carport would work well.

  7. I like how you said that you can find a carport that will match well with the exterior design of your home. We just moved into a new house and there isn’t anywhere for us to put our second car. Perhaps we could talk to a contractor to see if they would be willing to put one up for us before the snow comes.

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