Install A Wood Burning Stove – Take the first step to Eco-friendly Home

Wood burning stoves are the need of the hour

With the fast increasing energy prices, it’s has become more important than ever to take all the possible steps to make your home eco-friendly, meaning energy-efficient. While there are a plenty of options available such as generating your own renewable energy to ensuring your room has a perfect level of insulation, buying a wood burning stove does  make sense to get start with.

As reported by, annual energy bills have raised by 21% in the year 2012 increasing the average household energy bill to £1,293. A large number of homeowners across the UK have been reported to install wood-burning stoves or multi-fuel stoves in order to cut down on their annual energy bills.

Wood Burning Stove

In last 2 years, many offline and online debates have been held to discuss whether opting for a wood burning stove or a multi-fuel stove is the cheapest alternative for saving on energy bills in this financially crucial time of the world.

To justify the soaring demand of wood burning stoves and the fact why they are regarded as the most efficient heating system these days, let’s watch a price comparison chart of various energy sources.

The following table shows the average price per Kwh for all fuels.


Cost (pence/kWh)











Wood stoves – The Traditional way of heating with modern efficiency

A modern-design wood burning stove is the best way of protecting your home from the chilly winter without breaking your bank. Wood is a natural renewable heat source and thus wood stoves are also eligible for government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, which makes it a good investment for households.

There are many models or brands of wood stoves available out there that leverage the latest technology to ensure optimum combustion and highest stove efficiency possible. These wood stoves have travelled a long distance when it comes to technology features and styles.  Look around in the market and you will find a huge selection of stove designs for both modern and traditional looking homes. Some models have energy-efficiency up to 90%.

Top things to consider before buying a wood stove for your sweet home

The size of the room where you are thinking of installing a wood stove does matter in the selection of right stove. So, first learn about the size of the room and then find out how much Kwh of energy output is needed to heat up that particular size of the room. Don’t buy a stove suitable for over-sized room, as it won’t work with its optimum capacity.

The type and quality of fuel are other important factors to take into account. If you are in an area where finding wood pellets or logs is a bit difficult, it is recommended that you opt for a multi-fuel energy efficient stove. And if you have easy access to logs, make sure they are dried properly before you burn them into a combustion chamber.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out a local showroom or retailer of wood stoves or multi-fuel stoves and take the first step to a green home.

Author Bio: Richard McCraw specialises in writing about green technologies including the manufacturing of energy efficientwood burning stove. He is an acclaimed blogger and sustainable environment enthusiast.

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